Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

You know what is really strange? That I have had absolutely NO cravings since I got pregnant. I heard from other women that their cravings were so strong that they HAD to have whatever they were craving at THAT moment or they thought they would become mad. And getting the mouthful of food was better than any orgasm they had ever experience. Since I am prone to have strong cravings (when I wasn't pregnant), it seems really odd to me that I haven't had any the past 7 months. Good thing for Jason cause I really thought I would be driving him up the wall by now.

You know one place where I NEVER regret getting take out from? Souplantation! If you never gotten take out from this place, let me explain. It costs the same as if you were dining there (6.99 for dinner), but you get a container for your salad and a container for either a bowl of soup or pasta. Of course, if you want both the soup and pasta, you have to pay a little more. Knowing that the lid is not completely flat, I have mastered the art of piling on the salad vertically without not so much as one pea rolling off the side. The first time I took Jason for this experience, his eyes got big and he told me that he was impressed by my packing skills. "Well, thank you!" Anyways, then you also get this small bag to put in pastries. I've always packed it up to the max, with like 3 brownies, 1 blueberry, 1 cornbread, and 3 cheesesticks. The very last time I went, I read on the menu, written in very small print, "for two pieces." Screw that! Who is going to stop me? And if they do, I plan on saying, "What? Me no English." That should get them out of my way! THEN, the last two times that I went, I asked if I could get another small bowl to put in jello and fruit. I was going to pay for it but they just gave it to me without charging me! You could see that I get very excited talking about it! So basically, I get pretty healthy food for so cheap and I definitely get more food to go than if I sat and ate there. You and I both know that a good salad could cost seriously an arm and a leg at some places. And I get enough in one trip to last me two meals...just make sure you get your dressing in a separate container so your romaine doesn't get limp over night. One more selling point, when Jason doesn't want to go, I tell him it is Drano for his system! This sometimes works. Exciting stuff, I tell you!

Jason's been gone the last two days. Another interview. He will be back tonight. His departing plane was delayed for five hours because there were no flight attendants! The plane was there, the pilot was ready, but no attendants! Jason was so annoyed that he wrote to Alaska Airlines at the airport waiting for the damn ladies, and possibly one femme male, to show up!

This vacation has to go down in Cristina's history books as the all time boring one. All this time on my hands has only lead to one thing this past week: Shopping online for baby stuff! I know way too much about baby stuff, from blinkys (if you know that word, you must be a parent.) to strollers to what cures diaper rashes the best. I just told Jen the other day, before this, I was consumed with wedding stuff, now I am consumed with baby books, baby websites, and baby stores! Oh, how thing change with the many transitions of life. Pretty soon I'll be learning all there is to learn about menopause.

Since my vacation as been as boring as hell, Jason and I are going to Seattle this weekend for some R & R. I am sick of R & R. What good is R & R if you get R & R all the time?

I've been thinking about the victims of tsunami lately and all the pictures and stories coming from that area of the world are horrifically sad. Claudia and Dave were on vacation to Thailand and they left the day before the tsunami hit. When Claudia told me, I was incredulous and asked her if she had been on the BEACH the day before or if she was in Thailand, but very, very far from any devastated areas. Later I realized how unsympathetic I had been. I mean, she was IN the country and I should have been more like, "Oh, no way!" and broke out into tears. (Now that would not have been too hard since one of my many skills include being able to cry on cue.) I am a mean unsympathetic younger sister sometimes.

In summary, I am a greedy salad packer and mean sister who has too much time on my hands. There.

Have a happy day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

If you receive a gift, isn't it just second nature to call or write and say thanks, or at least acknowledge that you received it? I didn't send out too many gifts this year but I am shocked at level of ungratefulness to those that I did. I had to shop via the internet this year so all my gifts this year were mailed. Well, it's a little odd when the site says that a package was received but I haven't heard from the people(s).

I sent two gifts this year to children. One is definitely of age to be able to write or at least call! The other called and asked if there were more gifts on the way. She is younger so it is forgiven, however, I think the parents could have made this a teachable moment of how to show gratitude.

There will be a steadfast rule in my house that my children will not be able to keep anything from anyone they have not had the courtesy to thank first.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Once again, I had another sleepathon this morning. Dropped Jason off at 6:30 and came back home to sleep till 9:30! I woke up to find that I had been sleeping on my back. I really hate that. When I am lying on my back, my belly looks flat, as though I was only four months pregnant and I could only imagine my son trying to get comfortable in that small space. My doctor assures me that, though sleeping on the left size is the best, sleeping on my right side or my back won't hurt the baby. I am just not convinced about that. My belly just doesn't even look right when I am sleeping on my back. I mean, where does the baby go?!

This year, Jason and I agreed in advance not to buy each other Christmas presents. I know that this kind of takes away the fun of Christmas a bit, but truly, I couldn't even think of ONE thing that I wanted or needed. Plus, I thought that any money we spend this Christmas should be spent on Tyler. So Christmas morning, I was awoken (Is that a word?) by Jason to be handed the most beautiful card in all the world with the most thoughtful and meaningful words written inside. I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!! Jason is at the hosiptal for rounds. Poor guy...working on Christmas morning. He should be back soon.

It is not a white Christmas in Portland and I'm kind of bummed. I heard last year Portland had a snow storm and I had hoped that it would be the same this year. It would have been nice to experience a white Christmas for once in my life!

Merry Christmas everyone...can you believe that it will be 2005 soon?! How time flies...

Friday, December 24, 2004

I am so bored! Jason just left for work. Work!! I wanted to spend some time at the library today but it's closed for the holidays...bummer.

I've been eating all morning. I don't know, for some reason, when I eat with Jason I eat A LOT more than when I eat by myself. It's really wierd.

Oh, I just wanted to share in on a little secret. Actually, I think Jen told me about this "secret" awhile back. Anyways, the secret is this: I know a place where you can subscribe to my favorite magazine, Us Weekly for really cheap. It is here. They have all these magazines at amazing prices. Go check it out and get a cheap Christmas gift for yourself! I recommend my favorite, US. I swear, I run to my mailbox every Friday for my mag. It's like an end of the week treat for me!

Did I tell you that I'm really bored?!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Dude, I came home this morning from dropping Jason off and after eating breakfast, I slept for two more hours. It's incredible how I'm tired from doing nothing! Jason is so sweet. He says, "Honey, you're not doing nothing! You're making a baby!" Real cute.

I know my previous post was a bit random. I was just thinking of this one couple that Jason and I know. Almost every time we go over to their house, the wife wears these sweatpants. I know that the husband hates them because he has mentioned it to us several times. And every time I see her in these pants, I always ask myself, "Gosh, if my husband hated something that much, would it kill me to NOT to wear it?" Out of shear respect for him, it wouldn't.

So Christmas is around the corner. It doesn't really feel like it...minus all the money we spent on gifts!! Yesterday, I bought myself a box of assorted See's Chocolates. What a loser?! I mean, come on now, who buys See's for themselves? As a teacher, I am so accustomed to getting a box every year and since I didn't get nada, nil, from anyone this year, I just had to. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas without a box so I bought it for my dang self and opened it in front of Jason, over enthusiastically saying, "I wonder what it is!... What do you know? My favorite...chocolates!"

I also bought a queen size aero bed. You know, the bed that inflates in like 60 seconds. We're expecting visitors around the time Tyler is born so we thought that a aero bed would come in handy for all our visitors! At least they don't have to spend money on a hotel, right? We tested it out yesterday night and it seemed alright until Jason noticed this morning that it had deflated over night. We're going to have to test it again tonight and make sure HE followed the instructions correctly.

I have all these errands to run today. For one, I have to go back to Hollywood Video. See, this morning, I dropped off two DVD's: I, Robot and Eternal Sunshine in the drop box. While I did this, I accidentally dropped in the coupon for a free rental of Collateral (Since they were out of it and it had been "guaranteed.")I'm going all the way back for my coupon. Who said I wasn't cheap? Who. Who. Who.

I am so all over the place today but this is one of my favorite childhood jokes:
You say to someone: "Someone called you an owl."
They respond, over and over again: "Who? Who? Who? Who?
And you crack up in their face! Get it? Who! Owl!

Tyler already has so many cute clothes. I can't wait to put it on him. I bought almost $200 worth of stuff at Gap the other day (which is a lot because baby clothes are really cheap!) and I felt silly when the lady behind the counter asked me when I was due while looking at the tags that read, "6-9 months." Seeing that most of it was in different shades of blue, she was like, "Oh, let me's a boy!". Yes, you nilly. Anyways, I don't know why I felt silly buying all this stuff for my son and by her question...I just want to be a prepared mom!

My current insult of choice (since it changes every couple of months): nilly! What a fun word!

"You are such a nilly!"

"He is a complete and utter nilly!"

Fun, fun, fun!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I was just thinking about something that happened when I was in eighth grade. One day, my mom was coming back from work and I noticed she was wearing denim jeans. She had worn them before and I never thought twice, but that day, I said to her, "Mom, you shouldn't wear jeans anymore. I think jeans look juvenile and I don't think a mom with two grown children should wear them. Solid colors would look a lot more classy on you." I had not planned on saying anything like that to her; it was completely a spur of the moment thing. She just listened and took in what I had said. We didn't talk further about it or anything, and we probably just ate dinner.

I didn't think about it again. Until years later when it dawned on me that my mom had NEVER wore jeans again from that day forward. I was possibly in the tenth grade at that the time I realized this. One day, very casually, I said to her, "You never wear jeans anymore." And she replied, "Do you remember what you told me when you were in the eighth grade. I thought about it and I realized that you were right." And jokingly, she added, "I wouldn't want to embarrass you by walking around in jeans because you want to walk around with an elegant, sophisicated mom."

That is my mom for you. She always took what we- Claud, Rich, and me- said to heart. There was nothing ever trivial when it came to how we were feeling or thinking. I don't know, some people may see this as a unfortunate trait, but to me, this is something that I will try to emulate with my own kids and with Jason.

I swear I hate eating sometimes. It's such a chore.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

My winter break has started! Strangely, I'm not as estatic as I have been in previous years. Probably because my job right now is so not stressful compared to when I taught 2nd grade in LA.

Jason's in Florida right now for another interview. I wanted to go with him but I couldn't. In the next two weeks, he will also be going to LA and Vegas without me!! Bummer...

Yesterday, I spent the whole day buying gifts online and writing cards. I hope everything gets to everyone before Christmas.

Last week, Jason's sister sent us like ten wrapped presents for us to put under the tree. It looked so nice to have actual gifts under our tree! Then, Jason came home and opened up all the gifts and now there are none under our tree! What a big baby...he said he couldn't wait till Christmas. I made him promise that he would be more mature once we have kids and set an example by NOT touching any gifts until Christmas!

Claudia and David sent us this bassinet . Isn't it the most adorable thing? I can't believe that Tyler will be here in about three months. It feels like the time just flew by!

Well, I off to go shopping!! What else is there to do around here?!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm at school right now and I'm waiting for Jason to call me. He should be done early today so it makes more sense for me to stick around here until he calls instead of going home and then picking him up. Too much useless info, I know.

Today I took my class to the public library for them to check out books to read over the winter break. Well, this one student who just joined the class yesterday kept insisting that she borrow books and videos in SPANISH!! Mind you, she barely can understand or speak English! I asked her why she would want books and videos in Spanish instead of English and, through a translator, she responded, "In this day in age, you need as many languages that you can master." My response: "Why don't you master English first?" At the end of our trip, she had put away the Spanish tapes but borrowed ONE book and SIX videos. Talk about having no noon-chi (better sense and judgement)! I mean, I had been telling them that the purpose of the trip was for them to get BOOKS to read over the break.

I have to give a big thanks to my bro, Rich, for taking time off from his nose and butt picking to drop off some cookies to the old school that I worked at. Even though he rarely reads this site, I thought a public announcement of thanks was in order for all the time this errand took away from his winter break!

For my friends in LA, there is ONE thing I really want for Christmas. It doesn't cost a single pretty penny but will take some time away from your life. If you are curious as to how you can make my Christmas this year, please drop me a line. :)

So I totally had a PMS episode yesterday. I was down and grouchy. (I know! You would think that pregnant women wouldn't have PMS!! Well, I guess they can!) Anyways, Jason asked me what was wrong and through my tears, I answered, "EVERYTHING!" When Jason asked me what "everything" meant, I said, "Cause I'm fat! And we have to do laundry! And I had my blood taken out yesterday from my right arm and my right arm is sore and today, I had to get a flu shot on my left arm and now my left arm is sore too! And, the trash stinks! And I have a horrible headache. And did I say that I am fat?!" Jason just laughed and laughed in my face until my tears turned to laughter too. Why, oh why?

The doctor told me to keep my fat ass in Portland until the baby is born. Since I have been flying a lot lately for Jason's interviews, she told me that I had used up all my "baby frequent flyer miles" and that I should stay put. What a bummer. Other than our little ghetto tree, it sure doesn't feel like Christmas at all. I still have tons of cards to write and we haven't purchased one single gift! Yeah...

I'm going to look on the bright side. After today, I only have one more day and then I get two weeks off!! Yipee kai yeah!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I don't know what it means to "look korean," but this month alone, I have been told by a handful of people that I don't look Korean. This coming from Koreans and non- Koreans. The Korean realtor in Detroit who showed me around couldn't believe that it took her half a day to realize that I was Korean. She said that she assumed that I had gotten my last name, Kim, from my husband after getting married. The Shiseido girl said she was "really shocked" after I understood what she was saying to another Korean customer. The wife of an attending in Nashville said to me at dinner, "I hope this question doesn't offend you, but I was just wondering, are you full Korean?" After I answered that no, I wasn't offended and yes, I was full Korean, she said, "But I know a lot of Koreans and you don't have their features." Hmmm...I don't know what to make of my sudden unKoreanness.

Well, actually, these kind of comments aren't completely new to me. I once had a hispanic co-worker tell me that I looked hispanic and I once had someone tell me that I had "black features" with my bigger, or should I say fuller, lips and prominent forehead. But I haven't had so many similiar statements in such a short time frame.

I find these kind of comments rather odd. What makes someone look like they're part of one race? I think there are different features in all races. Don't you? Just some food for thought....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I just don't understand...

- I have 13 students enrolled in my period 4 class. Then how come only four showed up to class today? I just don't understand!

- I have 3 new students coming into my period 7 class today. They are all related and did not go to any other school this year. All of a sudden, they just decided that it was the right time for them to register and ruin the nice, neat order I have in my class. Where the hell were they when school started? Do they think they could just show up when they want to? I just don't understand!

- I have a student in one of my classes and everytime I assign something, he yells, "No teacher, no..." like I'm performing some torturous act on him. I just don't understand!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I'm kind of bummed out. I thought I was completely debt free and I felt good about it. Well, we still have monthly car payments, but I had paid off all my debts from my credit cards and undergraduate school loans. Until yesterday! I really don't know how this happened, but I suddenly owe 1,233.18 more to Berkeley! I guess they were sending the bills to my dad and he just happened to tell me about it yesterday. Great, oh great...Merry Christmas!

Oh, did I tell you about our cute little tree? (See, these are the times when a picture would be nice. I really wish that I could post one.) It is a small tree that we bought for $8. The cost of Christmas trees here are so cheap because Oregon grows the most Christmas trees than any other state. (Some good Jeopardy fact for y'all.) Anyways, then we went to Dollar Tree (Oregon's 99 cents only store) and decorated the tree for $5!! :) Except one thing, they only had one more box left of multicolored lights (with 20 measly bulbs!) so there is one stripe of 20 lights only up the right side! We have to get some more lights today. It looks ridiculous for now but I love our first Christmas tree!

I love being pregnant. Here's why:

1. When I am cold.... "Jason, Tyler's cold. Turn the heater on."
2. When I am hot..." Jason, Tyler's hot. Turn the heater off."
3. When I am thirsty..."Jason, Tyler's thirsty. He needs something to drink. (While Jason's in the kitchen) I think Tyler wants cranberry juice!"
4. When I want something to eat...."Jason, Tyler's in the mood for Rocky Road ice cream. We should get him some, right?"
5. When the house is a stinky mess..."Jason, can you believe how tired Tyler makes me?"
6. When Jason makes fun of me..."I know that Tyler heard that. He will get you when he's out for making fun of his mother!"
7. When I want to go shopping...."But Tyler needs new clothes!"

Hehe...amidst all the physical changes, being pregnant can be really fun sometimes!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Call me Ms. Frumps. I am in dire need of a makeover- a head to toe makeover. I got some pictures in the mail from Jason's older sister taken over Thanksgiving and I don't even look like I have any makeup on! As the years move forward, I use less and less makeup. Some people would say that I don't even wear any! It takes me about a half an year to a year to finish one tube of lipstick! I need to get my hair done, get some color on my pale skin, learn how to paint my face properly, and so much more! I came to the realization that I am just a frumpy girl who doesn't have a clue. How sad!

Other people's websites are so much more entertaining to peruse if there are pictures posted and I know that. I just can't get myself to post pictures on my own site because I find the whole process to be way too time consuming. First, I have to download the pictures, which takes forever! Then, I have to put in the html to post pictures, and copy and paste the "properties." I ususally don't get it right the first time and have to try a couple more times until the pictures are on this site. At any rate, it's way too much work. I wonder if posting on xanga is any easier.

Speaking of pictures. I need another digital camera. I got a camera way back when but I lost the battery charger on my wedding day and decided it wasn't worth replacing since I hated the camera from the day it arrived in the mail. Then, Jason and I picked this cheapo camera from a wedding gift book someone gave us. And that one sucks too. I find all this sort of technology too much to bear on my little pee size brain. It's too confusing to use and download and print and all that jazz. I actually miss the days of dropping film into a camera and dropping it off at a photo shop to get printed and picking the pictures up. Granted, there were a lot of wasted pictures, but it was just easier, no? It's sad but me and any sort of technology just don't mix.

Oh, and also speaking of pictures. I feel so bloated and fat! How does my feeling fat have anything to do with taking pictures? Well, I know it's sort of a stretch I don't want to take any pictures at the moment because I feel so damn fat! Like I mentioned before, I've already gained 20 pounds. According to the doctor, I should look forward to gaining one more pound each week. Since I am at 27 weeks and still have 13 more weeks, I will give birth approximately 33 pounds heavier than my prepregnancy weight. Yeah, yeah, I know, I've heard it all. I am suppose to gain weight; I have a growing baby inside me. But still. I don't like it. I feel soft and mushy. And I think my face looks swollen too. I want to work out but I'm not suppose to. I want to cut down on my eating but I shouldn't/can't do that either! Ahhhh!!! Will I be able to lose all the weight once the baby comes? Will I be able to fit back into my favorite jeans without cutting all circulation? I wonder...

It is Saturday and I love it. The rain has ceased for today in Portland. Yeah! And, I have a trip planned to Costco and Target today! Oh, lovely day!

Friday, December 10, 2004

I got a chicken sandwich from the cafeteria for lunch and the chicken patty is shaped like a flower!! That's just wrong!

Jason ended up calling me at 11:20 last night. After a late night meal, we were asleep at 12:00. Maybe that's why I feel like a freakin' walking mummy today. Usually, I'm in bed by 9:00 if I can help it. Thank God it's Friday so I can rest this weekend.

I enjoy being pregnant. Other than occasional back pain, I'm in what pregnant women call the "honeymoon stage"- second trimester. BUT! And this is a BIG BUTT-- I hate, (loathe!) feeling like I have to use the restroom like every fifteen minutes! I imagine Tyler stomping on my bladder like the French women stomp on grapes to make wine.

I don't think Jason and I will be going to LA for Christmas. We've been traveling so much lately that it's getting exhausting. Plus, Jason only gets a few days of, compared to my two weeks so we would only be down for like four days. We're thinking of just having a quiet Christmas to ourselves in Portland and possibly driving up to Seattle. Well, we'll see.

Quote for the day:
"It's fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then, it gets really fun."

Thursday, December 09, 2004

It is 10:47 and Jason's not home yet. The last I talked to him, it was about 6:00 and he told me that he would call me shortly to pick him up after a "short case." It's been hours and I haven't heard from him. It's hard to sit and wait and wonder if he is alright and if the case is going as smoothly as hoped. I can't really enjoy these times away from Jason. I couldn't even watch my favorite show, Apprentice, without him. It just didn't feel right to turn on the TV while I waited. I wish he was home.

The guilt is killing me right now. Every Thursday morning, we have "department meetings"- where I should be right now but I'm not. This is the second meeting in two weeks that I decided not to attend. I would go if I was sure it was an ESL meeting, but I *think* I am suppose to go to a Language Arts Department meeting today and I don't *think* it is mandatory that I attend this since I am not officially in that department. Since all of this is not set in stone, I don't *think* anyone will even care or notice if I am not there. I am just hoping that no one cares about little ol' me and where I am at this time. Only one other ESL teacher would care or notice and I am just hoping and praying that she doesn't squeal on me.

And then, this sense of guilt is totally erased when I say to myself, "Shoot, I am a long term sub. I have about five weeks left. So fire me and go through all the hassle of finding a better replacement. So there." I know, I'm horrible.

Oh, did I mention that I went and bought all new makeup last Saturday? I didn't go buck wild, but did buy some essentials. And, let me tell you: it feels so good to have all new makeup! All the cases are so clean and without scratches. The sponges are so fresh. The eyelash curler actually curls. It just a good feeling. Girls, throw out all that old, cakey makeup and start fresh!

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment. Everything is going well. Tyler's heartbeat is a healthy 140 beats a minute. And I learned that I gained 20 pounds in the last six months...oh great...time to put down those extra cinnamon buns! I just pray that Tyler will be born healthy. Oh, and now Jason and I can SEE Tyler's movements. When I feel a kick in my belly, I could SEE it. Yeah, I's something out of the movie Alien or something. It's just amazing.

Happy Thursday to y'all. Chug along. More more day's the weekend! :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Got back to Portland last night from Nashville. So so tired right now. I wish I could crawl up in a hole and go to sleep.

Jen got into UCSF!! Damn, girl is fly! I am sooo happy for her! This is almost (almost, like three more years) the end of a long road for her. I'm just glad all the times that I bothered her and took her time away from her studies didn't affect her too much! I wish I was there to buy you a big celebratory dinner...since we all know how much you love to eat. We'll have to wait till next time I am down...maybe Tyler will join us too!

Jason does the laundry in the oddest way. Instead of separating colors and whites ike *normal* people, he separates his laundry by "outside clothes" and "inside clothes." After he separates the clothes, he washes everything, and I mean, *everything* in the hottest water possible. He has all these lame reasons why he believes this is the best way to do laundry. Last Friday he ruined our beautiful cream color bathroom rug and turned it grey!! Since our bathroom is the the room that I've remotely tried to decorate, I was really bugged by our new grey addition. I told Jason that I would never let him do the laundry again. He smiled smuggly and was glad to hear it.!

Well, I'm back at school. Apparently, the students gave the sub a hard time. Never met the man, but I feel bad that he had two hard days. I have 7 more working days until Christmas break. whew...

oh! Jason and I are getting our Christmas tree today! I'm very excited! We decided to get a smaller tree and decorate it kind of ghetto. Meaning, we're not going to buy anything expensive to put on it because we most likely will end up throwing it away when we move. Think like 99 cents store decorations. haha...I'm totally psyched!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I don't write too much about being married, but another person's xanga inspired me to.

Really, I love being married. I feel like I'm at a slumber party with my best friend each night. Sometimes, it seems so good to be true that I can't believe that I won't get in trouble, by my parents or anyone else for having this much fun with...ooh, a boy. Everything, I mean every boring detail of existence is so much more fun sharing it with my hubby...from eating dinner, to watching TV, getting ready for bed, to even shopping at Costco!

Jason is definitely the other pea in my pod. My other half. And all the other cliches.

I highly recommend marriage.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

OMG. At lunch time, as I was walking to class, the principal saw me and told me that she had to talk to me later. What the... I HATE it when people do that, especially the principal!! For the last two hours, I been racking my brain trying to think of what she needed to talk to me about. Could it be that I came to school late yesterday (because of the car situation?) Is it because I didn't go to the meeting this morning? Did a parent complain about me? Did she come by last night and notice that I left at 4:45 and not at 5:00 like I had promised? Am I missing too many days of school? Does she know that I spend way too much time on the internet, surfing baby gear and paying bills? Can she read my emails to Jason..where I said that I didn't care if I got fired for missing out on meetings? Dude, seriously, I thought I was going to get an ulcer from anxiety.

Well, I did go see her afterschool and she just wanted to know if I wanted to work up until I give birth because the teacher I was subbing for decided not to come back this year. Though I was really- like really- looking forward to having a month off before March, getting ready and buying things for the baby, and just resting, it is really hard to give up 6 weeks of PAID maternity leave. So, this is the option she gave me: work until a week before my due date, then get 6 weeks of paid leave, then I don't have to come back afterwards and they will get a sub for me till the remainder of the year. Doesn't that sound too good to be true? I would only have to work one more month than planned and get about two and a half months pay and be done with it. Hmm... It seems like a no brainer, but I'm lazy, so I'll have to think about this one.

Well, I'm just happy that I didn't get chewed out or really fired, though I said I wouldn't care.

The window got fixed. Hope it doesn't happen again. Yesterday, Jason and I cleaned out our car and noticed blood on some of our belongings. Apparently, the jerk cut himself going through our stuff. We should take it in for DNA testing or something. Gross. I have to go and get all new make up this weekend. I wouldn't really care to or rush out to get any but I feel like I should paint my face a bit to meet people while we're in Nashville. And girls, you know how that stuff could add up!

Hope y'all have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This morning, our car got broken into. Damn! The stupid idiot left behind Jason's Leatherman, Palm Pilot, and expensive golf set, but made out like a bandit with ONLY my make up bag. Really, the person ONLY took my make up bag! haha..kind of funny. Either it was some desparate teenage girl OR the thief didn't have time to look inside and took it thinking it was a purse. Haha...the laughs on him when he gets home and see a whole bunch of Mac makeup fall on the floor. I took the car in this morning to get it's going to cost us $300. You know, really, it's only a car. I'm glad that no one was hurt and that there wasn't any more damage than one broken window. But, you still sucks.

I have to stay at school today from 3-5 to "make up" parent conferences that I missed while I was in Detroit. I wonder if any parent will show up. I highly doubt it, and it will yet be another long waste of time.

Onto baby news, Tyler is moving quite more lately. Yesterday, he was kicking and swimming about for one hour straight! I can't wait to see and hold him!