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Saturday, June 30, 2012

hello peeps!

sorry for the lack of posts. it's summer, which means the boys are with me 24-7 and it's harder for me to find time to write in here.

some random posts this morning.

2. chase came downstairs yesterday morning and told tyler that he had a new nickname for him. he said, "you are like a puma, but to make it more like a nickname, i will all you pumie." tyler thanked him for his new nickname and they hugged. i was listening from afar and found the whole interaction so cute. chase has been calling him pumie since then. too cute.

3. you know what salad that i just don't understand? a caprese. huge chunks of mozerella, tomatoes and some basil? wahhh!! i don't get it! i'm not saying it's not good-i'm just saying that it doesn't fit into my definition of a salad!

4. i am getting old. in my attempts to do more "sporty" stuff with the boys, i took tyler to play tennis. i went down to pick up a ball and whack! something in my back cracked!!! it's not too bad, but there was enough pain that i had to stop playing. oh dear, i'm not cut out for such things. sorry boys!

5. it will be a busy few months. first the move, then my mom will be visiting for 2 weeks, then 4 nights of camping, then my dad will be here (for how long? until he feels like it, i guess!) then my in laws will be here for at least 2 weeks. it's great to have guests but you guys know how i spaz out.

6. the boys are getting so funny, especially tyler. since he is older, we joke around together and he totally gets my weird sense of humor! it's so much fun to see your young kids turn kind of into your mini buddies! no, i must rephrase that- i will always be "mommy." i'm not the type to be "friends" with my boys, but i'm just saying that i'm enjoying their company more and more as they get older, have more of their own thoughts, and can understand more of what i say to them. they have really grown up a lot this summer.

7. as i get older, i'm appreciating more of the stuff that my dad did for us while we were growing up. he is the one who took us to places like the library, signed us up for classes here and there, and just tried his hardest to expose us to different things. of course, he was so busy making ends meet that i'm sure he just did what he could with the time and energy he had left, but now that i'm in a position to do those things for my kids, i appreciate it more. he wasn't perfect. he had his flaws. but the man did try. i'll give him that much.

8. on thursday night, jason wanted to get sushi for dinner. (i hate eating out lately, but hey, i'm not complaining about going out to eat sushi either!) anyways, the place we went to had a two tvs playing basketball games and jason and the boys were talking "basketball" for a huge chunk of the time- about players, teams, drafts, etc.  i got a glimpse into my future and it was looking rather bleak. haha....

9. when tyler and chase learn something new, i am totally down to learn it with them... even tennis. one thing that i will NEVER do is SWIM with them in a public pool. i mean, i will put my body into the water but put my HEAD in the water....never! i don't think i can get myself to do that. put my eyes, nose, and mouth underwater where all the dirty, germ filled water can crept into my body and reck havoc? i can't even fathom it. sorry boys. again. i will be the first to admit that i am good at some things and can't do other things. i am not perfect and i also have my flaws, but i hope you can look at me when you are older and think that i tried too..


happy saturday folks!
hope all is well!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If You Give A Mom A Muffinby Kathy Fictorie
If you give a mom a muffin,
She’ll want a cup of coffee to go with it.
She’ll pour herself some.
Her three-year-old will spill the coffee.
She’ll wipe it up.
Wiping the floor, she’ll find dirty socks.
She’ll remember she has to do laundry.
When she puts the laundry in the washer,
She’ll trip over boots and bump into the freezer.
Bumping into the freezer will remind her she has to plan for supper.
She will get out a pound of hamburger.
She’ll look for her cookbook (“101 Things To Do With a Pound of Hamburger”).
The cookbook is sitting under a pile of mail.
She will see the phone bill, which is due tomorrow.
She will look for her checkbook.
The check book is in her purse that is being dumped out by her two-year-old.
She’ll smell something funny.
She’ll change the two year old’s diaper.
While she is changing the diaper, the phone will ring.
Her five-year-old will answer and hang up.
She’ll remember she wants to phone a friend for coffee.
Thinking of coffee will remind her that she was going to have a cup.
And chances are…
If she has a cup of coffee,
Her kids will have eaten the muffin that went with it.

random thoughts:

1. i should be sleeping. it's not too late, but i know i'll pay for it tomorrow!

2. i've never eaten at red lobster. i've always wanted to try it just to say that i've been there at least once!!

3. my new favorite show: the big bang theory. i just came across it the other week and i can't believe i've never watched it before! i love sheldon!!! what do i love about this show? i can't put my finger on it. it's just all that geeky humor that reminds me of high school, i think. anyone else watch this show? please tell me you do!

4. i was pretending to be santa tonight. tyler sat on my lap and said, "i don't want a present but can you just visit my city?" it was a very "tyler" thing to say so i don't want to forget it.
5. we're moving in about a month! jason and i have moved six times in the last eight years. i'm getting pretty sick and tired of moving!

6. a teenage boy rear ended my car a couple of weeks ago. such a bummer! it was totally his bad and we will go through his insurance to pay for damages, but it's such a waste of stinky time! it's just a hassle! if i ever cause an accident, i will be sure to send them a gift or something...just to say i am sorry of the inconvenience i have caused. the only upside? i get to replace the boys' carseats for free! yay!

7. i thought summer break would be chill but it's just as, if not more, hectic. blah! i totally plan too much stuff for the boys to do.

8. i'm not athletic AT ALL, but i want to take tennis lessons. i think that would be fun to play with the boys when they are older. i'm going to look for an instructor once summer is over and it cools down a bit here.

9. there is something that tyler has been saying to me lately that always makes me laugh. if i'm not smiling and i'm looking serious, he asks, "why is my mother looking so forlorn?" and when i smile and laugh, he says, "oh she is not forlorn anymore!"

10. if i ask chase to do something that he doesn't want to do, he suddenly turns "italian" on me. let me explain. i will tell him, "go clean the toy room." and he will say in a distinctively italian accent, "it's ok...just forget about it." he is telling ME to forget about it?! he says this quite often when he doesn't want to do something and it always baffles me. where did he learn this? it's just so funny to me.
11. good night...sleep tight, everyone! i'm off to bed now!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

michael buble...home.

this song is just so chill. can you imagine hearing it in an airport?

i love airports: going to airports to pick someone up, waiting in the terminals, watching people as they rush about.

to me, airports signify the passing of time....when one chapter closes and another begins. it signifies adventures, life lived, and the love you leave behind and the love you come back to.

i love all the emotions that you feel in airports...the long good bye hugs, tears of sadness, tears of joy, kids yelling "daddy!" and running to their father, the anticipation of seeing a loved one after a long time....

when i'm in an airport, i feel like life goes in slow motion.

someone once told me that i like airports because i haven't spent enough time in one.

that's probably true.

call me weird, but i find airports so romantic.

chase: "i know why god gave me fat cheeks. he wanted me to have cushions for my tongue."

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

hello, hello.

well, well, well.... look who decided to post again?

sorry i've been mia lately. last week or so, i had an jarring  epiphany: i am a terrible writer. this news is, unfortunately, not news to me but, for some reason, for the first time, i am so embarrassed by it- embarrassed by my all my previous posts full of run on sentences, spelling errors, hanging modifiers (or whatever they are called) and other egregious grammatical errors that i just didn't think warranted my time to be corrected. it just dawned on me- my boys will read this when they get a little bit older (possibly, after some bribing from me later on), and what will they think? i mean, this blog is for them, i say, so they will think, "this is the effort you gave, huh, mom? wow.... good job." and, i genuinely felt bad about it. i told myself that i would give more of an effort, more time to at least fix the glaring mistakes and, maybe even possibly, if i really wanted to say that i've changed, go back old school style and write some drafts before "publishing?" (remember: first draft, revise, edit, and THEN publish?) cause, wow, i have been skipping the first three steps up until now.

so anyways, more effort doesn't necessarily mean better writing, but i shall try. i even told myself that i should take some sort of writing class and go back to the basics to learn all the nitty gritty (like, is it laid or lay?) what the hell was i smoking or drinking or daydreaming about when all this was taught in school? i swear, i honestly swear, that i don't think i was ever taught any sort of writing rules growing up. not to blame the educational system to which i was a part of, but i don't ever recall learning any grammar in school. i lived in the ghettos growing up and my teachers sucked ass (how is that for good writing?). they didn't care about teaching us. i had one teacher, mr. bonner, who sat on the computer all day long and played george michael's "i want your sex" for us while we filled out mindless worksheets all day long. you don't know that you had a "bad" teacher until you become a teacher and realize, "omg. i did shit in my most formative years!"

not dogging all my past schools, because y'all, i went to whitney for high school, but wouldn't you know it? i wasn't taught grammar at whitney either (tell me, my fellow whitneyites, if this isn't true and that, i'm just trying, once again, to find excuses for myself). i think the teachers just expected you to already know certain things because i'm sure most students did know these things. man, looking back, i went to a school full of walking nerds- good for them. i could only wish some people would have call me a nerd in high school. that is the ultimate compliment in my eyes. i've heard many words to describe me- crazy, outgoing, wild, crazy, friendly, did i say crazy?- but nerd? nerd. never and i'm quite sad about that actually.

so what was i talking about? see, i have no idea! oh yeah, i was writing about how i would try to really writing something of substance here and that i would take the time to do all the "steps to good writing." oh, that was until a week passed and i couldn't carve out any time to write, like, really write the way i wanted and the way that i felt you deserved.

so sorry, again, but though i will try to only publish more substantial thoughts and more meaningful writing from here on out (did i really cry and vent about some gym membership on this blog? oh, geez..... embarrassing!). i can't promise that my writing will improve or anything because it's not like grammar rules will suddenly fall from the sky and into my brain or anything.

what was i writing about? ah yes- more effort on my part, but bear with me- cause it likely won't get any better.

how is that for optimism?

so here is my first post back since my shameful week of my-writing-sucks-why-do-i-even-continue-this-blog?

oh and please, you don't have to make me feel better and say, "cristina, it's not that bad." i'm not looking for pity here because, let's face it, we both know the truth. it does.

i will post this now. unfortunately, i didn't edit, revise, or anything. i'm just publishing my first draft. i'm a mom. this is a mommy blog. not an article anywhere of importance so there we have it. i guess i'm ok with mediocrity after all.

what was this post about, again?

oh dear.