Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random thoughts....

1. What I couldn't have lived without this summer....J. Crew's tissue t. Oh my, so comfortable, just like wearing a tissue. I wore mine every time I was at home and to sleep. I couldn't live without it!

2. Think I might have a slight computer/internet addiction. It's called an addiction if I have other things to do but I rather sit here surfing the web, right?

3. Why are kids so good when they are watching tv?

4. I'm turning into my mom. I vacuum and mop my house every day. Jen, aren't you so amazed?! hehe.

5. Why does my hair shed so much? It really annoys me! Would it be weird to wear a hairnet at home, like the lunch ladies at schools?

6. I really enjoy drinking coffee.

7. This weekend, all I did was eat. It started off with a huge pasta dinner on Friday, with edible treats at Kristen's baby shower, to a sushi dinner on Sunday night. AHH!!! Gotta stop eating so much!

8. I need to get off the computer! Have a great day!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

When I hear certain songs, it takes me right back to my past when I heard that song. This song reminds me of a road trip I took with Susan and another friend to the bay area when we were in high school. We must have driven because I remember this song being played over and over on the stereo. My dad was pretty strict when I was in high school and didn't let me go out all that much so I savored every second of this trip. We ate at restaurants, slept in a hotel, met new people, visited Berkeley, drove on the Golden Gate Bridge with the windows down. This trip was truly eye opening for me; I got a glimpse of what my life would be like in college without my parents' permission for my every move and I couldn't wait for my freedom to come one day. Anyways, this song always takes me right back to that trip and I picture this one young girl who couldn't wait to grow up and explore more on her own....

Be forewarned- the video is a little freaky for my taste so you might want to listen without watching the video!

Chase went to Little Prince Cafe with his cousins, Katie and Sara. Tyler went golfing with daddy that day. Here is Chase with Little Prince.

Here is Princess Katie near the dress up area.

Baby Sara in the ball pit!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Review Of Sorts- Sonic Burgers

I'm trapped in my room right now...long story. The boys are playing together and I'm on my computer so I thought I would share some more pics with y'all. Here is our little trip to Sonic Burgers. Someone told me that the boys might enjoy it so I penciled it in my calendar right away. I've never been to one so I thought we would take a nice little drive to get there and then be transported back in time to the 50's where waitresses would take our order on roller skates and we would eat in our car. I was genuinely excited! It was a very, very hot day, but I refused to postpone our trip there. I'm very impulsive and I usually can't wait for things once it's in my mind. So here goes...

Here, Tyler is very excited as mommy has pumped it up all day.

" Oh, mommy, here is our waitress! Hey, what? Why is our waitress wearing sneakers? You told me she would be wearing roller skates! " 

"Mommy, I am so hot! I want to get out of this car. Can't we go inside to eat, mommy? Why are you torturing us? Isn't this a restaurant?"
"Be quiet, my child, and savor the experience in 100 degree weather."

"Mommy, I just dropped half my hamburger on my carseat and food is all on my shorts. I feel cramped in here and I want to eat at a table!"
"Be quiet, my child. Stop complaining. Do you know how lucky you are? Some kids could only dream of an experience like this."

Sonic Burgers, Schomic Burgers. We won't be going back. I rather eat in the comforts of a nice clean restaurant and not eat in the back of the car! How silly of me to think this would be fun! By the way, the yellow on Tyler's shorts never came out in the wash. Can you imagine the yellow food coloring they put in their mustard that it wouldn't come off in the wash?

Two thumbs way down. If I want to hear complaints all dinner long, I'll just eat at home. Thank you very much.

Chase farted and said, "My butt sneezed." hehe...

I have so much to do right now. What am I doing online? Did I tell you guys that we got rid of cable? All in all, it's a good thing since I could get my TV "fix" online and I've been reading my bible at night, but I still miss my boob tube!!

You know one thing that I would LOVE to install in our house? I would love to install some sort of sound system into the whole house. Claudia has something like this. It's a radio on the wall and if you turn it on, you can hear the music throughout the whole house. I would want something like that, but I would also want to be able to listen to cds and also be able to hook an ipod to it. Oh, wouldn't that be so cool to have music blaring throughout the whole house? Man, that would get this lazy ass girl off her ass and get her moving! :) I also think this would be a great way to wake up the kids once school starts. I'm sure they must have things like this, right? Wonder how much that would cost.

Well, ok, I really better get going on my to do list!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh, I can't wait till the boys are old enough and I can teach them the moves to this song.
Soulja Boy's Crank That

And that reminds me, Chase thinks it's so funny when he sings, "I want to be a billionaire so freakin' bad. Buy all of the things I never had." haha... don't think I should find that funny, but I do. :)

One of my favorite songs from a movie. I remember watching Jerry Maguire freshman year of college and liking this song. It's one that you turn on when you really want to think about something. It brings back memories from college and just makes me feel nostalgic. Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden.

It's 7:45 in the morning and I feel like posting something. Not that I have anything particular I want to post about, but sometimes, I want to post just to post. ;)

Random thoughts:

1. I should be getting ready for the kids to come.

2. I'm really so thankful that I don't have a husband who nags me. One thing that I know that he could have nagged me about when we first got married is my lack of skills in the kitchen. I didn't know how to turn on an oven and I had absolutely zero desire to even learn. We ate out so much the first three years of marriage that, looking back, I laugh at the girl who wasted so much money on food! Anyways, I think I've finally found some happy medium in the kitchen. I will never be the girl who has a passion to make gourmet meals, but now, at least I try and I have some sort of menu for the week in mind and what comes out of my kitchen is somewhat edible...well, the kids eat it...well, after some bribing on my part. :) Anyways, what was the point? oh yes, that Jason never nagged me and I found my own way....eventually.

3. I love The Bachelorette this season. Anyone else out there a hopeless romantic like me? I only saw the last two episodes but I was hooked and went back and watched all the previous ones online. I wrote this before, but I think Ali and Roberto are so super cute, and I think Roberto is super hot! Totally surprises me because he is not what I would have called my "type" back in the day. So, what was my "type?" Well, I was just telling someone the other day that I was always attracted to the geek type. You know that type that didn't quite fit in with "the" guy group, but was on the outskirts. When I went clubbing back in the day, my eyes would immediately scan for the boy dressed in  preppy j.crew looking slightly uncomfortable to be there. I didn't like the guys who looked so comfortable, like they could call the club their second home or something! So, I guess you could say that I've always been attracted to slightly shy, awkward guy. Anyways, I digress. Anyone out there a Bachlorette fan? I need to know so I can have a person I can talk to about my current obsession! Jason thinks I'm crazy that I ask him if he will accept my final rose every night and that I beg him to watch the show online and that I tell him that he would have been the final man standing if I were the bachelorette. He's like, I don't care. haha...

3. I've been wearing shorts all summer, which is amazing because I hate wearing shorts to show off my "moo" legs. Moo means Korean radish. If you take a look at "moo" at your local Asian market, you will see that they are very stumpy and fat looking! Anyways, I never, ever used to wear shorts! One time in college, I wore shorts on this one particularly very hot day and my friend said, "Oh, so you don't have wooden legs!" haha... He told me that he had never seen me in shorts so he assumed that I had wooden legs! hahah... well, I told him that I had really gross pale, ghostly legs and he told me that they wouldn't be so pale and ghostly if I showed them some sun once in awhile! haha...these Berkeley types can be so smart! Anyways, I've been wearing shorts all summer and they are so liberating!

4. We're hosting our first real big dinner party at our house this Friday. We've had people come over for dinner before but, this time, it's for Jason's colleagues so I'm kind of stressing out! I just realized that I don't have sugar and creamer holder for after dinner coffee so I have to get that before Friday night....can you imagine if I set out my old glass kim chee container filled with sugar on the table?! AHH!!! Wish I had some more Martha Stewart in me!

5. Chase's 3rd birthday just passed on August 6th. Can't believe that my baby is 3! He is my wild child and I love him! He reminds me a lot of know, being so crazy and wild and all! Happy birthday, Chasey! I love you so much. I love how you tell me that you are going to marry me one day. I love how you love your new "Bunny Bunny" and won't sleep without him. I love your laugh and how you can find joy in all the simple things. I love that you are still my baby and have that sweet baby smell and soft baby skin. You've grown so much in the last three years, buddy! I love being your mommy and watching you grow.

Ok, will write more later. Gotta go see if there are any episodes of the Bachelorette that I missed! hehe...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm so embarrassed about something and don't really know what to do. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I feel like I really "lost my cool" at one of the boys in front of other people. Tyler was acting up and I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. He was acting like another kid or something, and it got me SOOOO mad. Anyways, I acted in a way that I'm so embarrassed about. I was talking to another mom about what happened and she told me that it happens to the best of us, but seriously, what is more embarrassing than totally losing it on your kids in front of other people? URGGHHH!!!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Loving my lazy Saturday morning. I've been drinking milk tea every day lately. I use the decaf green tea from Trader Joes and then put in a little bit of fat free french vanilla half and half and  it's perfect. Tastes a little bit like hot milk tea from the boba store but without the nasty too sugary taste.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

This is a pic of our little cows at Chik fil A appreciation week. All the mommies and kids dressed up and we saved about $40! Impressed? I am! :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I haven't seen The Bachelor or The Bachelorette in years, but I stayed up to watch some episodes of The Bachelorette online, and I just have to say, isn't Ali and Roberto the cutest? Man, they better last or they're some really good actors and deserve to be rubbing elbows with the likes of George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.

My favorite part of the whole thing is when Roberto's dad said to him, "You're the prize. I know that she will be happy-she'll be with you. I want to make sure you'll be happy." I thought that was so sweet for a dad to call him son "the prize."

Watching the show made me realize how much my perspective has changed in the last ten years. The first Bachelor that I watched, I watched it for me. Don't know if this makes sense, but I wasn't married, living in an apartment with Jen and Weikuo, and wondering  if I would ever experience that kind of love. When I watched the show right now, I seriously watched it through the eyes of a parent, thinking of what I would say to Tyler and Chase if they ever brought someone home for me to meet, thinking of what kind of girl I would want them to be with, and wondering what kind of men they would turn out to be.

It's true that your life completely changes when you become a parent. There's this shift in the way you think and the way you look at the world.... even the way you watch a cheesy dating show!

(Speaking of reality shows and TV, can someone please tell me why Jersey Shore is so popular? I haven't seen it and  it doesn't look like something that would interest me. Is it any good and what is the draw? Something about it must be interesting because, based on ratings, a lot of peole are watching it!)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Some pictures from fanfest. Posing for cameras.

Tyler running to home plate.

Chase running to home plate.

Their prize for running a homerun!

"I think I just broke my arm!"

The view is the best on my daddy's shoulders!

At school, we had a lemonade stand. It was so awesome to see my neighbors come out and buy lemonade from the kids. Everyone had a great time!

Some random pics. Here is Tyler riding his bike without training wheels..this is his favorite thing to do these days!

My smiley Chasey.

Chase is my big boy now!

Chase with his first birthday present.

Isn't this a cute picture of Christina? Pregnant woman holding a pickle! Lauren will be here soon!

At school, our weekly theme was clothes!

Tyler and Nicole on a date at Red Mango. :)

The boys at Loews. We were walking by the sensor lights and they thought that they were doing magic!

With Susan, Chris, and Jee Soo. Can't wait to see Susan and Christine's baby!

Happy Birthday, grandma!

Jonathan always puts a smile on my face! Barbara, why are you hiding?!

At Farrells ice cream parlor with the Seongs!

Making sand castles together.

Picnics at the park.

Chasey and Riley love each other!

Susan! (and Naomi!)



At the pool with daddy.

Annual pool party with Nathan.
Waiting to get on the hot air balloon at the Great Park.

Tyler and Nicole at Irvine Spectrum.

There is nothing much cuter than a little toddler singing a pop song, right? So since my boys were little, they didn't only learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Ring Around the Rosie...nope! When Tyler just started talking, he was singing "gimme more, gimme gimme more" by Britney Spears. Later, Chase followed with Beyonce's "if you like it, you should have put a ring on it." (with hand motions to oh, oh, oh part!...hehe) And of course, I couldn't call myself a Justin Bieber fan if I didn't teach my boys the lyrics to "baby, baby, baby oooh. thought you'll always be mine."

The other day, I heard the boys singing in Tyler's room and cracking up... I looked inside and they were singing, "It's time to celebrate....with a bikini on top!" (California Gurls by Katy Perry) They kind of butchered the words, but I knew that's what they were trying to sing! Makes me such a proud mama! :)