Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Monday, August 29, 2005

We spent yesterday celebrating Rich's 21st birthday. Funny. I thought he was already 21. It was a lot of fun at Claud and Dave's new pad. I was having fun until I saw mom's friend hold my brand new Tumi laptop bag that I have been saving to use. I don't want to be petty and selfish about my things, but what the hell?! I tried to be composed about it and told my mom to get it back immediately. Again...what the hell? I mean, who is like, "Oh, what did I find here? A brand new Tumi bag. Let me NOT try to find out who it belongs to. Let me just USE it or GIVE to someone to use it." ARRGHH!!! Some people!

Susan is in Peru.... lucky girl. I've glad to hear that you have internet. Thanks so much for doing my dishes and killing winged termites before you left the States. Keep the posts coming along!

Jenn will be here on Wednesday! I am sooooo excited! Haven't seen Jenn is a a lifetime and a half because girlfriend has been traveling the WORLD for MONTHS. I'm not exaggerating. She's been to countries I could only dream of going to. I can't wait to see all her pictures and she can't wait to see Tyler for the first time!

Mentioning Susan and Jenn, I would be amiss if I didn't give a shout out to Jen! Thought you were engaged, girl and almost had a heart attack! But, I should have known that the source was shady and that my girl would tell me first! Tell me when I can send things to your new address.

This week will be very hectic as I get ready for the first day of school, September 6th. I have so much stuff to do it's crazy. If by any chance you are in the Westwood area and would like to give a hand to a poor teacher, give me a ring. I will love you forever.

This is turning into a couple of emails but I have to add: Jenny, if you are reading this, give me a ring! (Charlie, tell her to call me!) Where have you been?!

Ok, one last one: YO! YO! YOLANDA! I am so happy to hear/read that you are happy and in love! :) We SERIOUSLY need to get together really soon to relive candy sales, dances, and orange halls.

Ok, well, wish me tons of luck this week because I am stressing out like crazy here!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So I decided to take the position at the new school. Gosh, I don't want to go into the reasons why because everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion as to if it is a good idea or not. I am definitely scared as to if I made the right decision and wonder if I'll be regretting it once the students are drving me crazy or when I'm stuck in traffic on the 405. As least I know that Tyler is in very good hands and with someone who loves him as much as me.

He is growing bigger and will be getting his helmet on Monday. I am praying that he is a good little boy and doesn't fuss to much about it because God knows that Jason will take the helmet off if he sees that his son doesn't like it!

Since school starts on September 6th, my free days are numbered. I'm trying to see everyone who I haven't seen yet and also get ready for the new classroom.

What do you know, I'm already looking forward to the the end of the school year and it hasn't even started!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tyler in his jumper, waiting to go to church.

Tyler in his glider.

Tyler eating cereal for the first time.

We were scared he wouldn't like it, but he LOVED it! Doesn't it look delicious?

Eating cereal for the second time. Ironically, he is wearing a hat that reads, I love milk!

"Give me more!"

"I'll be cute if you give me more!"

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I wish I could come up with a decision and be happy with it. Yesterday, someone that I knew called and told me that there is an opening at her school if I want to work this September. So easy...just like that. No looking around for an opening. No interviews. Just come right on in and teach again.

And it makes my decision to stay home so much harder. I have to be honest. There are times when I wish I was working. Not to be away from Tyler. But I think it would be nice to have more money. (Not that it's much...but it would help, especially if we get a house.)

I just go back and forth. But now that I know there is an opening, I really have to make a decision. It was easier when there was no option.

I'm so torn. I want to work, but at the same time, I think of leaving Tyler (either at my mother in law or at a daycare) and it brings tears to my eyes. Could someone else hold him the way I hold him? Could someone else feed him the way I feed him? Could someone else play with him the way I play with him? What if something happens to him? Would I ever be able to forgive myself if something did? My heart aches just thinking about it.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

We went looking at homes this past weekend and I can't believe how much houses cost these days!!! We went looking in PV and houses that looked like our old house in Cerritos were over a mill! We even saw a townhouse for 950,000! Can you believe it? A stinkin' townhouse! Well, we decided to look in the Torrance area because that would keep us close to his sister's place (she lives in PV), his parents (they live in Torrance and will have to watch Tyler when/if I start working again), and my family (mostly in Fullerton). Torrance is also close to freeways which is important to us. We saw a small house (2500 square feet)in PV that was going for 1.3 mill and it sold in two days....two days! I want to know who are purchasing all these crazy overpriced homes! What do they do? Makes me wonder how teachers can live with their salaries!

Tyler is so cute in his jumper. When no one is looking, he just sits in it but when someone looks at him, he starts moving his legs like he is showing off what he can do on's just the cutest thing.

Yesterday, I was taking Tyler to his Gymboree class but he has a twenty minute break down in the car and we had to come back home. This is so unlike him so I am suspecting that he is teething right now. Poor thing. My baby is growing up! hehe.

Speaking of growing up, I'm thinking of starting Tyler on some solid foods soon. I've already gotten the high chair, bibs, spoon, and cereal, but my heart is not quite ready for this huge step. Maybe in about two weeks I'll be more mentally prepared.

Jason and I are preparing our FIRST outing without Tyler this Saturday. Tyler is nearly five months old and we've NEVER gone out without him, if you can believe that! We're dropping him off at our in laws and going out to dinner and a movie (I think, unless Jason has more up his sleeves...which I highly doubt!).

Today's agenda: I feel like going to Trader Joe's and then visiting my sister at her hakwon for lunch.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Tyler is sitting in his doorway jumper right now and is being amazingly quiet. We went to Babies R Us and I sort of went on a mini shopping spree for Tyler yesterday. But I came home and will probably return like a third of the stuff because #1, Tyler is not old enough to enjoy what I got him or #2, some baby toys are lame and not educational at all! I was hesitant to buy the jumper because the maximum weight limit is 25 pounds and Tyler is already 21 pounds so I thought we just wouldn't get enough use out of it but then I thought that my little fatty could use a little bit of exercise and got it. I don't really think he knows that it's a JUMPer quite yet because he just sits in it like a bump on a log. haha.

Three things about Tyler:

Tyler is the happiest baby I know! Well, I don't know too many babies to compare with, but he is much happier than I would expect a baby to be. He actually wakes up smiling and he smiles when he sees one of us look at him. He RARELY cries.

Tyler is completely enthralled with Jason. I don't care how many people are in a room talking, but he will zone in on Jason's voice and look in that direction like he's looking for him. He definitely smiles bigger for Jason when he sees him than for me! (And I'm the one feeding him!)

Tyler already has object permanence! (He is a week shy of five months.) When something is not there, he will look for it. For example, this morning, Jason was playing peekaboo with Tyler and went into the bathroom. Tyler kept looking in the direction for about five minutes until Jason came out, like he was waiting for him. Amazing!

Oh and one last thing. This is kind of sad. :( Tyler is most likely (98% sure) going get a helmet for his flat head. Poor thing. We noticed when Tyler was about 2 months old that he head was flat in the back. I tried laying him on his side but he wouldn't have it and always went back to sleeping on his back. I did some research online about it and read it could be corrected with a helmet. Jason was totally against it at first because he thought it was cruel to put Tyler in a helmet. Especially cause it is a purely cosmetic procedure and doesn't affect Tyler developmentally in any way. Well, then we found out that through Jason's hospital, it would be completely paid for...about $4,000. (which is unheard of in a case like Tylers because it is a totally elective procedure.) Well, I used that as more amo for my cause. I mean, what would it hurt to try it if it's free, right? Jason gave in somewhat and we went to our first appointment and the doctor recommended it. I won't believe it until the helmet is actually on Tyler's head but it seems like he will have to wear it for about two months. During the two months, I plan on staying home as much as possible. Not out of embarrassment (I really couldn't care less what other people think!), but because it is hot and I don't want Tyler to get a rash and I figure it will be most comfortable for Tyler to be at home. This said because if you want to see us, you're going to have to come to us! :)

Well, Tyler is still a happy bump on a log in his jumper...dude, it's been ten minutes of quiet...definitely worth the money! :)