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Thursday, July 31, 2003

I had close to a perfect day today.

Went to the airport in the morning to say farewell to my grandparents. (Ok, two down. one more to go!)
Ate some sushi for lunch.
Got a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. (Got two for the price of one!)
Went to Borders in Westwood. (I wasn't going to buy anything but then I realized that I have to purchase something to get validated for four hours of parking. Forced myself to find something to buy. Got some natural healing book to give as a present. Damn. Don't be mad if you end up getting it.)
Saw Jason.
Worked out with a very masculine gay instructor.
Got a Robeks Juice (with femme boost...cause y'all know I am so femme.)

Family time, sushi, coffee, books, Jason, a good work out, and an all natural doesn't get better than this. I think my summer is just beginning.

SIDENOTE: My cousin, Eun Hwa, was throughly insulted by not being mentioned in the prior post about my family's excursion to Huntington Beach, and I promied to make it up to her! Eun Hwa was there with us! She WAS there with us! She was, she was, she was! How dare I forget to mention my "personal assistant?" muhaha...

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Last night I saw Theo Shu. Actually, that would now be Dr. Theodore Shu. It's the first time in eight years. I met Theo in 8th grade, the year I entered Whitney. Sometime in September, all the new students at the school were paired up with with an older "buddy." I remember the day the list of buddies were posted up in front of the ASB room. It was lunch time and I went to look for my name. Next to it, it read, "Theo Shu." People who stood next to me warned, " got Theo. Watch out." "Hmm... ," I wondered, "Who was this guy?" I was curious and couldn't wait to meet him. The same people told me that he was in a wheelchair for some class project so I looked around for a person in a wheelchair and didn't find one.

Then, I finally met Theo at the "Buddy Meeting Day" set up by ASB in the multipurpose room (Room 13/14!), He was a senior. I think he was still in his wheelchair. He was nice and normal. I didn't understand what the warnings were for.

After that day, we became instant friends. He gave me rides to places (in his hot BMW!), we listened to the Thompson Twins while driving down PCH, he showed me where the best shakes were, we ate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory while sitting on some cliff overlooking some abandoned beach, and we talked on the phone for hours and hours.

Now, some of you might be thinking he was making the moves on me and stuff. But it TOTALLY not like that. He was like the older brother I never had and NEVER ONCE made me feel uncomfortable in ANY way.

When I think of eigth grade, I have so many fond memories of Theo. I don't know if he knows, but when I gave my Secretary/Treasurer speech to my class, I saw him in the back of the room from the corner of my eye. (He had left his own class meeting to watch me.) I cried to him by my locker when I had forgotten my parent permission slip to try out for the cheerleading and he tried to console me. When I couldn't find a dress to the winter formal, he actually drove me to a friend's house so I could pick out one of hers.

Then, he went to college and I started dating someone in the middle of tenth grade. The phone calls became less frequent until it eventually died down. I remember once my boyfriend at the time told me that he felt uncomfortable with my relationship with Theo and we got in our first huge fight. I told him that Theo was my friend first and that I would never stop being his friend. Strangely, this was exactly about the time when the phone calls stopped.

In the past eight years, I've thought of Theo often. I always thought that if there was one person in my life that I would want to see and talk to before I die, it would be Theo. Everyone else knew how special they were to me, but I felt like I never conveyed this to him. I was so young, so naive, so stupid.

I would think about what I would tell him. What a selfless, giving, funny person he is. How I wish everyone knew this about about him. How he was the first person to show me what a true friend is suppose to be. How he taught me to not care so much about what others say. How he showed me to live a full life and not live with any regrets.

So, I saw him the other night. And guess what? I didn't say any of these things. How do you say these things to someone after so long? It's kind of strange to pour out everything in one meal. Maybe he'll come across this one day. Maybe we'll have another meeting one day. And then, I'll be sure to tell him all these things.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

After some mishaps at the salon in the morning, the rest of Claudia's wedding went very smoothly. The day was absolutely gorgeous for an outdoor wedding and everything fell into place perfectly. I was so nervous about making the toast that I was unable to eat, drink, or be merry until it was over. I can't believe that my sister is now a married women!

On Sunday, I went to Jason's mother's birthday lunch. Funny thing is that Jason wasn't even there because he had to work. So I picked up his grandmother and we went to the restaurant together. Jason's nephew, Ethan, who is four, kept asking, "Where's Uncle Jason?" like we had forgotten him somewhere.

Today, I went to Huntington Beach with my aunt and four cousins from Korea, Richard, and Cher. Every time I see them, I am in awe. It's funny; I've never lived with them and have only seen them a couple of times throughout my life, but somehow things are so comfortable when we all see each other and we hang out. It's the comfort that comes from knowing that you are family and share the same blood. My aunt and the two girl cousins will be going back tomorrow, my grandma and grandpa are leaving this Friday, and my two boy cousins are leaving in two weeks. Now that is three separate trips to the airport. Come on now. Ended the day with a HUGE dinner at Redondo Beach.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I just want a normal life.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling sick. I dismissed it as soon as I felt anything. There was too much to get done to dwell on any ailments.

So, I get weak ass out of bed and go to Claudia’s place to pick up the material to take to the tailors to make bridesmaids’ shawls. (Yes, the one that will be worn for about 10 minutes. For pictures.)

On the way there, I am desperately trying to find a Quiznos because I am starving. Plus, I have a coupon that I want to redeem. I don’t find one and, in my absolute desperation, I find myself at Whole Foods. I walk to the hot foods section and ask for a “small small” container of spaghetti. After I pick up some organic lemonade, I go to the cash registrar and my “small small” spaghetti is $7.50. I am shocked but try not to show it in front of all the shi shi poo poo customers who I bet are willing to pay $10 for a one Whole Food's meatball.

I walk outside and decide to eat on a bench outside. This construction worker comes and sits next to me and strikes up a conversation. Didn’t he see the book I was reading? Ugh… He tells me how he lives in Valencia and has to drive to different sites everyday, but how he likes his $1300 a month apartment, although it is too hot to live there. Ugh.. Leave me alone.

I am hoping that my meal will cure me, but by the time I get to Claudia’s place, I pass out on the floor. She gives me instruction as to what I have to do with the material for the shawls. Uh huh. She advises me to take some smelly black balls because there could possibly be something wrong with my digestion. I’ve smelled these nasty little balls in the past. They are disgusting and wretched enough to actually give you indigestion problems. I pass on her kind sisterly advice.

I watch her leave through the door and try really really hard to get myself up. “Come on Cristina. Today is not the day. Get up. Get up! I’m not messing…GET UP!!” So, I finally listen to myself and get up.

I drive to K- town where the tailor is located. There is an accident on the freeway and I am barely moving. All the while, I am so dizzy and oozy, that I am seeing stars circling above my head. I pray I make it in one piece.

When I get there, I call Claudia on the phone to confirm the price. She tells to “show” the tailor what to do with the material. Show an experienced, professional tailor how to cut out rectangles and stitch up the sides? “Dude,” I tell her back, “I think she knows what to do.” Her response, like a bride gone mad is: “I don’t care. My wedding is this Saturday. I don’t want there to be any mistakes. Tell the lady how to make the shawls.” She is starting to sound like a monster and I am scared.

So, I turn around and lay out the fabric on this oversized table and I lay the sample shawl Claudia has also provided on top of it. She looks at me with wide eyes and she huffs in her broken English, “I know how to make shawl.” Ugh.

As I am driving back, my aunt calls me. She and my four cousins are here from Korea for The wedding and have been touring California for a week. Their tour guides have brought them to Universal Studios for the day, but they’ve all been there before and don’t want to go back. So, now they are stranded in front of Universal Studios and want me to pick them up and entertain them. They remind me that they are having a hard time because they don't speak English. Ugh, the guilt. I don’t know what to say and I tell them to call me back in thirty minutes.

I call my mom at her store for advice. Should I go to Universal Studios? I promised Eun Hwa and Richard that I would go with them to pick grandma and grandpa up at the airport later. I am sick. She seems a little frustrated (which is NOT normal for my mom). She has no advice for me today. She says, “Cristina, you could figure it out. I am busy right now at work.” Ugh.

My mom is no help. I call Jason. What should I do? I am sick. He tells me to take it easy. “Hon, you are dehydrated and you need to drink fluids.” Ah, there is some hope. What a doctor. Didn’t even talk to him for more than three minutes and he gave me a diagnosis.

I drive back home and drink two bottles of water and a Gatorade and lie down for twenty minutes. I start to feel a little better.

I have to get ready to go to the airport. I get dressed and I am there at the airport by 5:35 to meet Eun Hwa and Richard. My grandparent’s plane is delayed by three hours. Yeah.
So, to pass time, we eat. I eat a MacDonald’s hamburger, fries, soft drink. Afterwards, I am still hungry, and have udon. For dessert, I get an apple pie and chocolate sundae. We’re still bored and we play silly games, like table soccer and who could break the happy meal toy. One game, they blindfold me with MacDonald’s napkins. I promise not to peek and they put items in my hand I guess them. Napkin. Cup. Richard’s hair. It is fun until Richard squirts ketchup in my hands. Then the games are over.

My grandparents finally arrive. My young fancy smancy grandmother comes walking through the gates about 30 steps ahead of my frail, 90 year old grandfather who is barely making it with his cane. I am not surprised by this sight, and I am sad that I am not surprised.

We get home and the annoyances begin. My grandfather asks why I don’t teach high school or college. He says, “You graduated from college. Why don’t you teach high school.” Ugh. Could it occur to him that I don’t want to. My grandma, who knows more about Chanel or Louis Vitton than me, goes on and on about my distant second cousin who is engaged to a “pretty, tall, skinny, fashion designer who drives a BMW.” “She once dated Park Chan Ho, “ she says like she is telling me a secret. Ugh. I sit. I smile. I think to myself how thankful I am that I have to sit and smile through their nonsense only once every couple of years.

I have had a hard day and all I want to do is see Jason, if not only for a little while. I drive to his place in K- town. I park my car on the corner of the street and, get this, I start hearing gun shots. Then, on the other side of the street, I see this guy running, all the while, ducking like he is dodging bullets. Then an old pale yellow car comes around the corner and he jumps in. I wish I didn’t see that. What am I suppose to do? Should I call the police? I dial 911 and hang up really quickly. I ask myself, “Do I really want to get involved? Do I really need this right now? Last time I called 911 after some pervert followed me while handling his member, I wasted an hour of my time for nothing. Was even asked to pick the perve from line up and they didn’t even catch the bastard. Do I want to stay up to give an account of something that I barely saw. All I would say is, ‘It all happened so fast, officer.’”

I just want a normal life.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Have you heard "Beautiful As You" by All For One? I love it. Yes, it is kind of cheesy. Guys, next time you hear a nice song on the radio and your women is next to you, turn around, look her in the eyes and tell her, "When I first heard this song, I thought about you" and watch her gush.

I just went to Rite Aid and spent about $40 on bug repellent (so I won't get any more bites), hydrocotisone cream & Gold Bond (to relieve the mindboggling itches), some more foggers, and something for Thumper (I need to give her some relief too!). I never realized that there was such a big market for the nuisance caused by insects. I also vacuumed the place and went to the laundry mat this morning to wash all my bed sheets and blankets. I hope all this helps, but in the back of my mind, I think, "If there is just one mama flea who survives this massive guerilla warfare, she could have like thousands of babies and the war will never end." Must think more positively.

Hung out with some old highs school friends to celebrate the return of the sexy legged hobbit (AKA Chong) to Los Angeles yesterday. Had a charming dinner at Lawrys (yummm...cream of corn) and then drove to The Pointe for some lemon powerade. It's always fun to reminisce and make fun of things we did in high school. Did I really cry in 9th grade because Chong got into a minor car accident and ran his car into the center divider? The spaz was emtional even at a young age.

This morning I woke up really early. Earlier than anytime this whole summer break. For something really important. For... the first day of the Nordstorms Anniversary Sale! Jen and I got there at 7:05 and there were already tons of people bustling about! Well I refuse to incriminate myself and write what I bought or how much I spent. However, lets just say that I had to reassure my credit card company over the phone that it was indeed me making all these purchases and not some thief who had stolen my card. I have to say, once in great awhile, a major shopping day is great fun (and therapeutic!).

My Pseudo Grandma

Ok, most of you are on my frienster. Look for a friend on my page named Grandma. This is Jen and my actual landlady when we lived in Berkeley. Can you imagine my utter shock when I somehow came to this page? I was squealing and oh my god-ing like never before. I think Jen thought I needed some medical attention. Anyways, read up about my favorite grandma. It is absolutely hysterical. Read all the testimonials (including one written by yours truly). All of it is sadly true.

ser·en·dip·i·ty    ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (srn-dp-t)
n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties

1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.

Someone once asked me what my favorite word is. First, I thought, "Wierd question. Haven't ever been asked this before." Then, it dawned on me: I do have a favorite word! Serendipity! This is, hands down, my all time favorite word in the English dictionary. Not only is it fun to say. Try saying it a couple of times- Serendipity. Serendipity. Serendipity. Isn't that just oodles of fun for a Friday night? But, the definition itself is a postive one: A fortunate discovery or occurance by accident. I'm sure it's happened to you. When you met that special person at the right time, when you read something that opened your eyes, when you went somewhere and looked at something that changed the way you think. There are so many times that something just happens- something real good- and it has nothing to do with yourself, your planning, your intelligence, or anything else. The situation is beyond you. And it still happens.

To me, this is the workings of God. He's reminding you that He is still there in your life, watching out for you and blessing you with small miracles that he knows you need at that very moment in time.

Serendipity...ah, what a word.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Ok, I don’t want to dissuade y’all from coming over and all, but I think Jen and I are harvesting a little flea farm here. Must get to the bottom of this quickly. Pinkish spots on my body will not go well with my wedding attire..nor any other summer outfit showing some skin for that matter.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Mike mentioned to me that he thinks it is odd that I refer to Jason as J on my blogspots, and upon thinking about it, I have to agree. I guess it started when I first started this blogspot. We were then on a "break" and I didn't think it was right of me to write his full name since we weren't together. I guess it became a habit.

Well, everyone, for those of you who don't know... (drum roll please)....J stands for my Jason!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

In the last couple of weeks, I truly realize what an amazing mom I have. Of course, this is something that I knew already, but her actions the last couple of days confirmed it even more. Well, Claudia and I got in a small tiff a couple of days ago (Ok, the biggest fight in our adult years to date.) and I called my mom to cry and complain. Her first words were, “You call Claudia right now and tell her how you feel.” I thought that was amazing and it reminded me of something. In all my years, in my whole entire life, my mom has never once ignored how we felt. She never has discounted our feelings or told us that we shouldn’t feel the way we do. If I was mad at her, she gave us the liberty to voice it and tell her why, even as young children. I recall one time very clearly, when I was eight and she broke a promise to take me to the ice skating rink. She said, “Cristina, I told you that I would take you to go ice skating today but, when I made that promise, I didn’t realize how tired I would be after work. I am sorry for breaking my promise to you and I will try not to do it again.” I remember I instantly felt better after she said that because she cared and understood how disappointed I was. Her actions didn’t make her less of a parent, relinquishing power to her kids; this made her more of a parent.

As I continued to go on and go about how sad I was at that particular moment, I know without a shadow of a doubt, she felt my pain too. However, she didn’t do anything drastic, like get off the phone with me to call my sister at the moment. She listened, took it in, and left it alone. She didn’t get involved, even though I am sure she thought about it. She realized that his was what it was- an argument between two sisters. And she trusted that she raised two girls who could talk it out and make things right. This is another thing that I admire. There were plenty of stupid arguments between Claudia, Richard, and me growing up, but my mom always knew better when to butt in and when not to. This gave us control to come to a solution. This taught us not to bring other people into arguments to side for us. This made us realize that we aren’t getting any more attention because we were right and the other was wrong. This gave the fight as little “air time” as possible. Sometimes, it is best for parents to just stay out of things so resentment does not build between the siblings as they vie for their parent’s approval.

Ate dinner with Jen and Weikuo at Shabu Shabu on Sawtelle to celebrate Jen's most recent accomplishment of livng through studying and taking her dental boards on Monday. We ordered the "vintage" meat. (I find it odd when meat is described with an adjective that is mainly used in antique boutiques.) Nonetheless, it was a nice dinner with the co-parents of my daugther Thumper. (Yes, Jen is also my baby's mommy. And Weikuo is my baby's daddy.) And yes, it is an odd, somewhat abnormal situation. Please don't judge us- this type of dysfunctional living works for our lifestyles. Thumper is growing up to be a beautiful, well adjust bitch and has a relationship with each parent.

At dinner, there was a couple sitting next to us who were obviously on a getting-to-know-one - another dates, and the guy was explaining to the girl what was and was telling her that his sister was on it and was "connected." For a split second, I must admit that I contemplated turning around and saying, "Oh really? What is her name? Maybe she is connected to me by six degrees of separation! Maybe she is my friend(ster)! ooh...! wee...! fun....!" Thank God that was only a passing thought. And that it passed.

I haven't seen J in so long it seems. Well, we have seen each other for short amounts of time, but no real "quality time" lately...and you know that is what us girls like. I've been busy. And he is even busier with much more important issues to deal with at work. It kind of sucks. I hope things will be normal soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Vegas, was, well...typical Vegas...unbearably hot from the desert heat, full of calories from the two buffets we visited, relaxing at the day spa, and full of great stores to tempt and tease my shopping addiction.

Gosh, as I write this, I hear a mother yelling at her two kids. This is nothing new because she yells at them daily, heck, hourly. It is so sad. I just want to yell out my window and tell her to shut her mouth up and try talking to her children. This lady's shrilling loud voice reminds me everyday to thank my lucky stars to have a mom who is patient, kind, understanding, and knows a heck of a lot about child development.

Today I walked around Culver City Farmer's Market. In the two years that I have lived here, this was my first time there and I loved it. But can you believe that dogs are no longer allowed in any farmer's market? I couldn't believe it. When I think about farmer's market, I think of lounging around, surrounded by great people and food, listening to some obscure band playing in the background, and cuddly dogs sprawed around. Don't you? What a travesty.

So much wedding drama, I can't even start to begin. At this point, after everything that I have seen, I would be mental not to elope when my time comes. I heard about all the things that could go wrong while planning a wedding. However, I truly did not believe it nor remotely think that these things could possibly happen to my sane, smart sister. That is, until now. I have seen eveything that Claudia has gone through the past couple of weeks and all I can say to any person that just recently been engaged is, "Hold on. Fasten your seatbeat and get ready for the ride of your life."

Friday, July 11, 2003

Random thougts of the day (because I am too damn lazy to write a paragraph form.)

1. Thumper chewed up one of my favorite pairs of shoes. That bitch. (Well, she is...)

2. The amount of sleep I am getting on a nightly basis is becoming mildly disturbing. (12 hours every night...that can't be normal.)

3. I felt bad yesterday morning because I felt that I was not doing enough for Claudia's wedding. As I was gluegunning (is that a word?) silk flowers onto gift bags for young rugrats at the wedding, and burnt myself with the scalding ooze, I didn't feel so bad. I have a huge welt on my finger to show for all my hard work yesterday.

4. I don't know why, but I love it when Thumper listens to my commands and goes into her cage directly after I calmly say, "Go in your cage." It never ceases to amaze me.

5. The next two week, until the glorious day of July 26th, I will solely be devoted to helping Claudia with last minute wedding details.

6. I am currently taking a wine tasting class and I am still throughly confused as to all the varieties of wines from around her world, types of grapes, the fermentation process, etc. It is really confusing! Well, at least I leave each class having tasted some fine wine and feeling like everything is right with the world.

7. Dong told me this morning that I am "Legally Korean." I thought that was funny.

8. I am off to _______ today for Claudia's buck wild bachlorette party and will be back Sunday night. (I can't say because it is a surprise for Claudia. Not that she ever checks this site, but just in case.) Don't be surprised if you end up seeing Claudia on a upcoming episode of "Girls Gone Wild."

9. Today agenda: Make out of town guest baskets for guests coming to the wedding from out of the state. I think that is a really nice gesture for people who have traveled so far. Wouldn't you agree? And yes, Claudia's wedding has turned into a mini- production.

10. As I foolishly spend my summer days, Jen is studying so hard for her Dental Boards (I mean, talk about eat and study!). I find it appropriate to say, "Good Luck, Girlfriend! Break a leg and do a great job so one day you can fix up my nasty ass teeth! hehe.

I guess that's all my thoughts for now....
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003


I need to get out of this place. It is 11:30 at night and I hear a man talking on the phone. He is on the other side of the alley, but is talking so loudly that he sounds like he is standing right next to me. I really don't need to know what he had for dinner and what he is doing tomorrow. Please spare me the details. Also, there has been a increasing number of cats copulating in the alley behind my apartment and their cries of passion are comparable to fingernails scratching away at a chalkboard.

On the fifth hour of the TV taping of Phenom, a short lived sitcom about a young tennis protégée, about the time the audience handler passed out Snicker bars to appease the crowd of people who were quickly spiraling from being antsy to hostile, I swore to myself that I would never sit through another taping of takes and retakes again in my life. (This was my junior year in high school and I sat through this torture to raise some money for the Almighty Class of ’96. Whoop. Whoop.)

That being said, I have no one to blame but myself.

The Sharon Osbourne taping took about the whole day. I left here about 10:30 and I got back at 6:30! All in the days work, I guess. I got one impression of the taping: FAKE. I knew Hollywood was superficial, but my experience at the show confirmed it.

First of all, I saw girls who were skinnier and somewhat more trendier escorted to the front of the line and given premium seats on couches- regardless of their place in line. A group of more rotund hardcore Osbourne fans who were standing ahead of us in line- was seated behind the couches although they were the first ones in line. I would have been so pissed.

Secondly, we are told when to laugh, when to bring the laughter to a halt, when to ohhh and ahhh. I guess this is like most tapings, but it is still lame.

Third, we were told in advance that Sharon was going to say that she was going to take the whole audience to see a screening of David Spade’s new movie. And we were told to act happy and shocked. “This is Hollywood!” a producer reminded us. Will we ever see that screening? No.

Fourth, when Sharon Osbourne asked for audience members to try on swimsuits, all the participants who ran up on stage were not from the audience. They were seated in reserved seats as part of the audience, but they had been preselected and I believe, even paid, for their time.

Well, at least, we got to talk to Mrs. Osbourne, pet Miny, and sit on the stage when the band played.

There were some talks that this taping would be would not be shown in its entirety, but that segments would be shown at different times. There were even more vicious talks that none of the day’s taping would be aired because it was Mrs. Osbourne’s first day of taping and it was just practice. That would seriously have been a waste of freakin’ time.

It is 7:30 AM. I am ravishingly hungry, but I have a physical at 9:00 and was told not to eat. Rats. Another hour and a half. I don't know if I can make it.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Since I have thirty more minutes…

Well, the past few days were full of Fourth of July festivities.

On Friday, I went to a picnic in the afternoon at Marina del Rey with Oikos. Opps, I mean, The Garden. I brought Thumper along and I think she enjoyed herself more than anyone else.

At night, I went to the Hollywood Bowl with J. I have to say, I am digging Kenny Rogers at the moment. I honestly only went in anticipation of the firework show, but I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Rogers. He is a wonderful performer and had great repoire with the audience. I thought he was down right hilarious at times...but that could have been the wine. I always thought country music was so odd- the lyrics give way too much information! (For example, Tammy's husband beat her and left her pregnant and with four children.) But, his smooth singing voice really made the stories come alive. And of course, the Spaz had to shed some tears.

On Saturday, I hung out with Jenn, Gina, and Gina’s friend from Brazil. We went to a bar be que during the day and the Pointe at night. The Pointe was dark, loud, and very Korean cheese.

Off to the taping of Momma Osbourne….

Funniest thing:
Gina just called me to tell me that I had to be at her place by 11:00, not 10:30. I think that is so funny because I would have been there by 11:00 anyways, and now I will be there at 11:30. haha.
See what I mean about time management?

Enough Already.

I told Gina I would go to the Sharon Osbourne taping with her and her friend today, then I called her amidst my stress to tell her I couldn't go because "I have so much stuff to do." Then, realized that I don't have jack to do, and called her back to tell her I could go. So lame am I.

My resolution is to somehow learn to manage my stress levels (on the spaz-o-meter) and time. Together, it is a horrible curse that will confine me to my home, worrying about nothing, all the while accomplishing nothing and letting my life pass me by.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

I came back from church and ate a huge, huge meal.

The combination of a full stomach and summer heat is making me very drowsy and lethargic.

You know what is a fun saying? "Well, I do declare...." It IS fun, if you say it right! I picked that one up from Susan (of course).

Quote of the weekend:
"I don't want to die. I just want to eat." - Gina, my long lost twin sister from Brazil.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Birthday to Claudia, you old fart! 27...Wahoo!
On this very special day, I feel compelled to blog Claudia's (in)famous words in the midst of our fighting:
"Cause I am older than you, and I will always be older than you." ha! How can I retaliate to that? Claudia is so wise, and tis so true!

I am also compelled to write about the best Fourth of July ever. It was my freshman year in high school. A couple of girlfriends and my brother arrrived early at the grassy area in which used to be the front of Whitney High School and staked out the most desirable viewing spot of Cerritos' annual spectaculor fairwork display. We were so close to the action, that when the fireworks illuminating the dark sky, it seemed like colored angel dust was failling over us. Some of them got so close that we felt we could touch them and we stretched out our hands to get a feel. Of course, we couldn't, but it felt that close. Since that time, over the many years, I have yet to see a firework show that comes close in comparison. It has been, by far, the best Fourth of July and one I will never forget. We were so young, innocent, giggly, stupid (Now, seriously, what were doing with outstetched hands, like children with special "needs", and what must have people around us been thinking?)

Also, I have this wierd connection to Fourth of July and one person, who shall remain nameless. We didn't do a lot of things together throughout the years, but somehow, we managed to share a couple of Fourths together (think junior high and high school), and I still can't see a firework without wondering how he is doing and where he is. Funny how the brain works- all that association, Pavlov thing with dogs, drool, and ....whatever!

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I watched the Hulk yesterday and I had two nagging thoughts throughout the whole movie:

Thought #1: When will this god forsaken, drawn out movie end? I'm starting to turn green.

Thought #2: What kind of boxer brief is Bruce wearing? Damn, that thing can stretch like nothing! Never have I seen such good quality Spandex and where can I get me some?

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Ain’t no fool

I just got back from getting a manicure and pedicure. (Yes, Mike, that was part of my “errands”.) I rarely find this sort of luxury worth the money, but my claws and hoofs was in dire need of some trimming for The wedding. Which I know is weeks away, but then you don’t know what state my nails are in at the moment, and they will need the next few weeks of pampering, massaging, and loving to be in the condition fit for a Maid of Honor. When I walked into the store, I looked at the services they had to offer and I specifically stated that I wanted “just the regular manicure and pedicure.” I was not going to pay for some frills that I don’t need. I was just there to get the job done! Well, they have me sit on this massage chair and work on my feet. And all the while, I’m thinking, “Wow. This is kind of nice. No wonder it is a little bit pricier and nicer than the nail places in Korean town.” Later, when they were done and brought over the bill. I noticed that it was four dollars more than the service I had ask for, so I told the lady behind the counter that I only asked for a regular manicure and pedicure which is priced at $21, not $25. She answers that I received the spa treatment and that costs $25. I tell her that is not what I asked for when I came in, and her answer is, “Well, that is what you got and you should have stopped us if that is not what you wanted so it will be $25.” Um….I don’t think so. I ain’t no fool. How was I supposed to know that what I was getting was the spa treatment. I’ve never been to this establishment before, and it sure didn’t feel like a spa treatment to me! Ok, it’s not about the money. It’s the damn principle of the thing. Someone shoot me before I pay for something that I clearly didn’t ask for! So, I stand firm and tell her that I am only going to pay for what I asked for and that I would have stopped her if I had known that I was getting the spa treatment. She huffs and puffs and starts screaming to her co-workers in Vietnamese and the other patrons are staring at me and wondering why this girl is causing such a commotion. I just smile as innocently as possible. She turns back to me and says ok, $21, but I can tell she is not happy. I give her $25, get $4 in change, and give it right back to her for her damn tip, and walk out feeling like a blonde lawyer dressed in pink.