Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Just chatted with Jen, who is at Harvard for interviews. Damn, girl sure has come a long way from our days in college when we would make a mad dash to Nutri Sci, all to sit in discussion for five minutes and come back to the dorms.

So many fun fun memories with her in college. Jen is a friend who will stay up to help you write and edit your paper in the wee hours of the morning...even if she has class at 8:00 the next day. She is there to lie for you and tell a certain people that you are not in your dorm room. She is there to hold you on your 21st birthday when you are drunk and you can't walk straight. She is there to calm you in the midst of all breakdowns and stressful periods of your life. What would I have done without Jen the last nine years? I will never know. Thank God.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I got these uggs this weekend!! So, so comfy! Now, how come high heels can't be this comfortable?

The car got fixed yesterday and I was able to drive to work today. Wahoo! School is over and I'm going to go to Babies R Us to buy a full body pillow. Did you know that pregnant women are told to sleep on their left side (instead of their back or right side) because the left side promotes the most circulation of blood to the growing fetus? Who knew?! The full body pillow is suppose to help women stay on one side. We'll see if it works. Laters skaters!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Damn, didn't to to work today. Had to call a sub. All because our car wouldn't start this morning. Jason and I were's a new car, for crying out loud! Jason took his motorcycle to work but I was left behind to deal with the situation. The tow truck should be coming in an hour. Damn, Damn, Damn!!.... cest la vie!

Friday, October 22, 2004

I am one of the few, if not the only person at this school who has a mirror in my classroom. It is mounted right near the door and as students walk by, they come in, check themselves out and walk right on out without even a simple, "hello."

Looking at all the students pass in and out of my classroom, I was reminded of high school. At Whitney, some of the outside classrooms have large windows instead of walls. From the inside, you could see out very clearly. From the outside, you can't see into the room, but rather it looks like a mirror. I remember all the fun we had sitting in the student council room at lunch watching the people as they walked by. All the sexy ladies would make a sexy faces. All the "hard" men would make their "hard" faces as they walked by. Some got up close to check if something was inside their eyes. People never realized that there were people sitting on the other side looking at them! The student council members would sit inside the room rolling on the floor laughing our asses off. Sometimes we would get close and imitate the person putting on lipstick and powder, standing only an inch away from the person with only a window to separate us. haha.

Good times. Good times.

I am such an idiot. I don't know what is wrong with me. This morning we had a faculty meeting and all the teachers had to say what their classes were doing and such. It is nothing new; we have this meeting every Friday. But for some reason, as I was speaking today, I felt the eyes of the lady sitting next to me glaring at my face and the notes I was reading from, and I felt my face get hot as if I was a second grader who just wet my pants. And, of course, as I thought about my face getting red, it probably just got only redder. Maybe they couldn't tell, but with my pasty white face, I am sure they all noticed. Thank God it's Friday and I could run away from my embarrassment for the weekend. Maybe I'll go get a tan. Oh, be gone, ghostly pale skin!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I feel so blah today. I have a headache that Tylenol can't cure and I feel naseous. Could it be my breakfast of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? I am inclined to think that I might be dehydrated but I refuse to drink any more fluids that might make my trips to the bathroom any more frequent than it is now. (Jason told me that it might be smart for me to invest in some Depends so I don't have to run to the bathroom like ten times a night. Real funny, my husband is.) Since I have an hour and a half before my first class begins, I am tempted to pull down the blinds on my door and take a nap at my desk. Just as long as no one catches me...

One more thing I realized at my job as a long term sub. Sometimes, it just better to keep my big lips shut. When I ask too many questions, all that comes out of it is more time that I have to invest and investigate, more meetings, more things that I have to do and figure out. It would be smart for me just to coast thru this position until January 28th as oblivious as can be and stop talking to too many people and asking questions that I really don't give a damn about. Note to self: stop it!

The very night we found out that we were having a boy, I made Jason sit next to me on the computer and surf name sites. Through his protests that we did not have to do it "that night," we agreed on ONE name...yipee. (I will keep this classified information as of now.) When I talked to Jenn the next day to tell her the news, she said, "Just as long as you don't name it ______________" and said the ONE name we had picked!! I just told her that if "you snooze, you lose" and we agreed that she would give her son that name as a middle name instead and our sons would be connected forever. One hurdle down. THEN, Claudia called yesterday to tell me that her friend just told her that she will be naming her son, whose estimated date of birth is December, __________________!! I couldn't believe it. It's not even a popular name! How dare she take my son's name! Well, I asked Claudia if she told her friend that we were thinking of that name too and Claudia said that she had not mentioned anything. Now, I feel like we can't name our son the same name, especially because their son will be more three months before our peanut! Richard said that I am being stupid, but I told him that he will understand when he is about to become a father. What to do. What to do. Who do I call to report a stolen name?

I need a pair of Uggs- bad. Every morning, I wish I had a pair when I am dropping Jason off. I don't know about LA, but Portland weather is perfect for Uggs. The trend is so last year, but I think I will buy myself a pair this weekend. I'll look on the bright side of being totally late on this trend, at least I don't have to put my name on an Ugg wait list. A wait list? For a pair of shoes? You got to be kidding me.

Well, after today, one more wretched day till the weekend. I love/hate working. Just a ball of contraction I am.

Speaking of a ball, my stomach is starting to look like one. Although I've gotten some requests for me to post pictures of my stretched out skin and veins, I rather think it is an unattractive sight that you would regret seeing afterwards. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I was going to have my beginning ESL students write haiku poem since they are just learning about syllables and multisyllabic words. Before I began the lesson, I wanted to give them a few examples. I knew there is a haiku section on so I had all five students come around me on my computer as I looked up the site. Unfortunately, I typed it wrong and wrote, forgetting the s. Oh boy, you wouldn't believe what we saw on the site!! (Go check yourself!) I got out of it as fast as I could and hopefully, they won't mention this error to anyone. I am so embarrassed!

Last week, I took a day off to get my ultrasound. When I told the administrator that I would be gone for my doctor's appointment, she told me that I could get a "half day sub." I was like, ""

Why would I do that? I get five sick days a semester and I intend on using them all before I leave. Now if I got paid for the sick days that I didn't use, I might considar staying "really healthy." But, since I don't, trust me, I will use all full five days. Thanks lady.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I am at school waiting for Jason's phone call to pick him up. Yesterday, I went straight to the hosiptal after my faculty meeting and I had to wait in the freezing car for two and a half hours! That's one thing about Jason's job- He could never tell me with 100% certainty when a case will be over. And with one car, this could be a bummer sometimes.

This weekend, Jason and I went shopping for our little peanut. I know that we still have five months but I just couldn't resist. Baby clothes are to darn cute. I look at the clothes and can't imagine our little peanut in them one day. It's an amazing, mind boggling thought.

All I'm looking forward to is going home for Thanksgiving. We will be there for four days. YAY!! I can't wait...

The weather has been absoultely dreary and depressing lately. It rains constantly and doesn't look like it will let up anytime soon. I wore a damn eskimo jacket to school today and I am still near freezing.

Maybe Jason and I will visit my "friend" today- the lady who owns the Korean video store. She is so friendly, in an older sister kind of way, and she gives us fun videos to watch. Strange, she is one person I will miss when we move away from Portland.

Well, I guess I should start heading home. Jason still hasn't called but I'll just hope he does soon.

Laters gators! (And a shout out to Allen who I didn't know was keeping up with my life on this site!... Talk to you soon. Sorry about the long confusing email! I don't know how to write so please bear with me.)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

I really wanted to eat at Sweet Tomatoes (Souplantation) today for lunch but I knew Jason would not be down to eat a "salad buffet" so I told him that they serve pizza..which they kind of do! You should have seen his face when he saw the "pizza" I was speaking of. He looked at me, pointed at the square bread piece and said, "This is NOT pizza. This is bread with cheese on it." haha...well, I had a good, guilt-free meal.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Think blue...

I just got back from the hospital and we are unmistakably having a boy!! Yay!!

According to all Korean women everywhere, dreams that a pregnant woman has is telling of the gender of her baby. Wherever I go, I am asked by older, curly permed women, "Have you had the dream yet?" "Well, no," was my usual reply. UNTIL LAST NIGHT! I tossed and turned and must have had about five dreams. In one, I had a girl. In another I had a boy.

So much for dreams.

But the ultrasound will be more accurate I hope. My appointment is today at 3:00. I hope the baby cooperates (spreads eagle). I will post when I get back! :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I hope we have a baby like this.


Every morning, I drop Jason off at work and then come back home to get ready. Today, I don't know what happened but I came back home and went back to sleep for 45 minutes. I woke up, saw the time, and frantically got ready for work. I came in 10 minutes late but, thank goodness, no one noticed. whew... Tomorrow, I have a conference to attend and Friday we don't have school. Yeah!! It's like having two days off. I've been so tired lately. Every night, right after dinner, Jason asks, "Are you sleepy? Do you want me to tuck you in?" The answer is usually yes. (And, yes I make Jason tuck me in at night if I sleep before him! :) haha.)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

At what point does "homework help" become I'm-doing-the-whole-damn-assignment-for-you? As a teacher, I can't deny helping a student on any work, from my class or any other class, but damn, I feel like I'm doing the whole assignment for them!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Oh God I hate Mondays. I was really tempted to call in for a sub today, but I realized that I had absolutely no plans ready for the sub nor did I even know how to call in for one. That will have to get top priority on my to do list today so I can prepare for any future days that I feel like playing hooky.

This weekend was a blast. It started on Friday with Jason surprising me with tickets to LA, and then with us running through PDX to catch our flight. We were greatly halted in our mad dash to our gate by security who felt that Jason and I needed to be more carefully searched for weapons of great destruction. We were annoyed but what could we do? We had to take off our shoes, open our arms, and be felt up by annoying jerks. I tried to make light of the situation by telling Jason, rather loudly, that this is what we get because he looks like a terrorist. The lady who was feeling me up looked up and wasn't a slight bit amused. haha. So we were searched and all they came up with was underwear and magazines...yippy, I hope they had a good day.

Anyways, by God's great intervention, we made our flight. And, upon our arrival to the holy land, we got our rental car and made our way to our first stop..In and Out. Dude, nothing tastes better than a #3 with a chocolate sha-kee.

Then a quick ride to the Holiday Day Inn, Torrance (Yes, Jason and I chilled at the Hoilday Inn...have to sing it like the song.) and we slept to get ready for our next day of eating.

Next day, we had breakfast at Denny's. I ordered the Waffle plate with strawberries and whip cream on the side....I hate it when they put globs of soggy strawberries on top and make the waffle all soggy and spongey..anyways, I digress.

We had lunch in K Town, Nak Won and I inhaled the food.

Went back to Jason's parent's place and played with Jason's nephew, Mason, for a bit.

After a nap at the hotel, we went to Lawry's to meet my family for dinner...yum yum, eat um up. Rich told the waitress that I was pregnant and the strange waitresses dressed in old nurse uniforms seranaded me with a "Congratulations to you, congratulations to you. Congratulations from Lawry's....Congratulations to you." I was really surprised. The waitressed mostly sang to me and after they left, Jason said that he deserved the song since he did "most of the work." haha..funny. I could of said something, but I left it at that. Oh, Richard and Jason were feeling driven and both ordered the Jim Brady cut. Gross, that thing is like a baby calf on a plate...too much meat! It was great to see my cousins and my aunt too. (Shout out to Heidi!)

The next morning (Sunday), we drove to LA to pick up Jason's grandma. She had made us breakfast and we ate there. Then, we drove back to Jason's parent's place and took an hour nap. We woke up, and drove to Redondo, met up with the rest of Jason's family and devoured like nine crabs. Yum Yum.

After getting coffee at the El Torito and chatting a bit (Shout out to Andy!), we were back on our way to LAX. Our plane was delayed so we played solataire on Jason's Palm until our eyes turned cross.

We boarded the plane and, of course, Jason and I had to get the seat in front of the 3 year old child who did not sleep the whole ride and banged on the tables connected to the backs of our seats. I love children, but I loathe them on airplanes. Seriously.

We got back and after playing with Thumper and reading the note from Thumper's sitter, we were back to sleep.

That was my weekend and now I am back at school. I don't want to be here and it doesn't help that I am cold and wearing inappropriate LA clothes. As many of you know, when I am cold, I am near paralyzed and cannot move, so I sit here with only my fingers moving.

I want to be back in bed sleeping. I want to get a massage. I don't want to be here today. I am going to try to get out of the 3:30-5:00 faculty meeting today. (Maybe the principal will accept some sort of pregnancy excuse..she's a woman!) Oh, but onto better, more uplifting news, we find out the sex of the baby next Tuesday...oooh...sooo sooo excited! Will it be pink or blue? Hmmm...

Hope you have a good one. Monday's suck.