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Monday, May 02, 2016

No way. Does this thing even work? This past year has been life changing, more so than any other year of my life.

I thought I would come here and post some things about me so Tyler and Chase could get to know their mommy a little more.  :)

1. I am an introvert at heart for sure. I can stay in my home for DAYS on problem. I can ALWAYS find something to do, read, cook, or watch. And most days, I prefer to stay home. HOWEVER, once I am out of the house and meeting new people and talking to them, I have the BEST time ever and always laugh like crazy and wonder why I am such a homebody!

2. I love the song Hero by Enrique Iglesis. This song holds a lot of memories for me. I used to listen to this song when I first started working, when I had an apartment with Jennifer Wu in LA, and when the Twin Towers came down. Such an amazing time to be young and in charge! :)

3. I hate cooking. Sorry boys, momma did not like to cook. I tried to hide that fact from you but you probably could tell! :) I could eat anything small and call it a day. I don't like wasting hours in the kitchen. I don't see the point. I can eat an easy, simple, healthy meal all the same. AND, if given the choice to spend my reading with you or be in the kitchen, I would pick reading with you every time.

4. When I die, the only thing I want people to say about me is that I loved my boys and tried my best to be a good mom.

5. One thing I am most thankful for? for my boys, of course. I don't understand parents who could abandon their own children. I could never befriend someone who would abandon their child.

6. I think I can find humor in anything and everything. Your momma likes to laugh!

7. Favorite talk show host? Conan O'Brien. Favorite comedian at the moment? Heather McDonald. See! I like to laugh!

I guess that's all for today! If I can think of more, I'll come back on this thing. It's pretty amazing that I can still write on this thing!


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