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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's the first day of the year! Well, not really, but for me it is. You see, it is the first day of school for the boys! (well, just meet the teacher day, but i'll take it!) so since it is the first day of the year for me, I decided to write in my blog. i'll probably have a lot more time to write in here now that the boys will be in the SAME school with SAME hours every day, (FINALLY!) so hopefully, i'll be able to revive this dying (or already dead) blog.

some random thoughts.

1. can't believe tyler will be in fourth grade this year. oh where does the time go? academically, he is all there, but sometimes i wonder if he is still a baby inside compared to the other kids. the other day, he was making "tents" in his room with chase and the first thing i thought was, "oh goodness, what did i do okaying his move up a grade? he is not ready for fourth grade. he is laughing and having a gay ol' time camping out with blankets!" sorry if that sounds harsh, but that was my first sincere thought!

2. my little chase will be in 1st grade. wahoo...full time student! one drop off and pick up for me....sounds glorious, doesn't it? i can't believe this day is finally here. i sooooo eeeexxxcccciiitttteeeddd! not excited that they will be away from me, but excited that pick up and drop off times are the same so i have to spend less time on the road!

3. trying to eat healthier. that's always the goal right? well, after we got back from the cruise, i knew that i had to kind of detox from ALL, i mean, the crazy amounts of food that i ate on the ship, so I've been trying to go raw vegan and it feels so good. i love it. its funny how you learn, and grow, and change as you age. i ate like crap growing up (mcdonalds, spam, taco bell were staples), and i never thought i would get to a point when i would look at that stuff and think.... that is not REAL food!!! that is crap!

4. speaking of going raw vegan. i know for a fact that if i lived alone (not married and no kids) i have no doubt that i would be raw vegan...for so many reasons. 1. health 2. energy levels 3. skin feels great! 4. it's soooooo damn easy to eat raw vegan because it means you don't have to COOK!!!!! how amazing is that?!! and most of the food you just wash and eat! some salads might involve minimum chopping (totally optional) but that is it! i'm also in love with my vitamix and blending up smoothies. we've literally made some sort of smoothie at least 5 times a week this summer. i'm kind of sad that i didn't feed the kids a little healthier when they were little. i mean, we didn't eat bad BAD, but it was definitely not as clean or thought out or nutrition based as it is now. better late than never and they are still young i guess, but i just wish i started earlier.

5. i'm still trying to figure out one this on this vegan diet. is too much fruit bad for you? i mean, they say fruits are great for you but is TOO MUCH too much because you are getting too much sugar then? some say sugar from fruit is different from the "bad" sugars people talk about and other people say that sugar is sugar and that sugar feeds cancer!! who to believe?! i'm trying to do some research online and there are so many conflicting thoughts on it! there are people who literally eat 30 bananas on day (this intrigues me for some reason) and then there are people who point their fingers at those people and think, "they all must be bananas!" any thoughts on this from any person who might ever read this one day would be great! ....which means i will never get thoughts on this because who would ever find their way to this site? :)

6. instagram is user name is cristinakim44. follow me, i'll follow you. it'll be fun. :)

7. my neck has been hurting lately after sleeping in a wrong sleeping position. don't know what is going on because it's been happening more than it should in the last few months. Jason is like, don't sleep that way and i'm like, what way? i have no idea what position i'm in because i'm asleep!! i am sure i toss and turn before ending up in a contorted sleeping position. any suggestions? i'm in pain here and any ounce of pain in not good for me because it causes me not to do things around the house that i really should be, cooking are the main two things!

8. speaking of cooking and cleaning, I've been thinking lately how wonderful it would be to have full time housekeeper/ cook. this is nothing that I've ever really thought about or dreamed of. i mean, i never grew up with a housekeeper or cook while growing up and this wasn't even a possibility or something that i even thought of as an option growing up. but now that i see that some people have them and i see people on tv with them, i think of how awesome that would be to have a full time person in your house to do all the cooking and housekeeping around the house! wouldn't that be awesome!

9. tyler stopped playing piano for a year but he has been really into it for the last few weeks. i am sooo excited about this because i LOVE piano music and hope he will play better than i do when he grows up!

well, just a quick hello to my peeps! it's almost favorite season!


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