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Thursday, March 07, 2013

random thoughts:

1. DUDE!!! i just spent like an hour coloring my hair (trying to lighten it for the summer) and it looks EXACTLY like it did before i put hair ruining gunk in my hair for about thirty minutes! that's what i get for trying to save money and doing it at home. now my hair is fried, the color is the same, and i've wasted an hour of my life. why, oh why, am i so cheap! i should just go somewhere and get it done! haha

2. ok, so i call myself cheap once in awhile and i have to clarify that. i think i'm pretty cheap, overall. i mean, i don't need a lot of gadgets and gizmos to keep me happy, and ever since i had kids, i don't like, and have a hard time, spending a lot of money on myself. i don't mind wearing something from target if i find something i like there, and i think i'm a pretty simple person (overall, speaking. :P) however, this doesn't mean that i am cheap with other people. i think i'm rather giving actually, and i like giving to others..especially if they aren't expecting something. i don't know. i like to say that i am cheap but when i say that, i am mostly speaking in terms of what i give myself. i actually can't really stand overly cheap people. you know, the type that regifts presents and never pays for lunch and things like that. in college, i knew someone who would NEVER offer to drive his car to go anywhere but would always hitch a ride with other people. it was a ongoing joke amongst friends that he was too cheap to ever offer to use his car. anyways, that kind of cheapness is sooo unattractive. ewww...

3. tyler got in trouble by me this morning and i have been feeling really horrible about it all day. this morning, we were rushing (like ALWAYS) to get to school on time, and i found him playing with his ipod when his backpack wasn't even ready to go out the door. i became irate and told him i expected more maturity and self control from a boy who is about to turn 8. ouch. i know. i need to give him a hug when i pick him up from school. tyler is a GREAT kid. i mean, i know that EVERYONE and THEIR MOTHER thinks there kid great, but overall, i'm saying tyler is a GOOD KID, and sometimes, i think i expect A LOT from him (behavior wise). i don't know what it is. it might be because he is the first kid and he is usually so good, that when he messes up or does something bad, i'm totally shocked, disappointed, and angry. let's say you had a kid who was always bad, then why get upset right? but with tyler, he is usually good that when he acts like an, ahem.... a kid, i am shocked. anyways, i feel horrible thinking that he might have gone to school in a sad mood and hope he was ok. horrible mommy of the year award goes :(

is it thursday already? where does the time go?!!


Blogger Christine said...

Haha can't believe you colored your own hair! Not to mention didn't it make a mess? Your hair is beautiful always has been. Don't mess with something great. Miss you gf! Now go out and buy something pretty for yourself. And not from target! Lol.

3:00 PM  

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