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Saturday, January 05, 2013

random thoughts:

1. i always tell myself not to do anything with my hair, but then i get bored with my hair and want to change it! so i promised myself that wouldn't color it until i started getting white hair but don't think i can keep that promise. i want to color it! my natural hair color is jet black. think goth black. it doesn't look "friendly" on me. i think i scare children. i am going to go and get highlights this week!

2. there is one wish that i've had for a long time. i've always wanted a persimmon tree. i hinted to jason awhile back that that would be the ultimate birthday or christmas gift but he hasn't delivered yet (he probably didn't even get the hint!). maybe i will give him 3 more years to get his act together and then, i'm going to have to take matters into my own hands. i love persimmons! it's my favorite fruit, and one of the reason that i look forward to fall every year. i love that almost 99% of persimmmons are sweet and you can't go wrong by picking a bad one. and a fruit tree? what can be more lovier, more meaningful, and more beautiful than gifting someone a fruit tree that blooms and grows and changes with each season and bears delicious fruits year after year. i really can't think of a better gift. one day...

3. one time, at some school meeting, they were playing ice-breaker games and the question i got was : are you a beach bunny or snow bunny? i think during that time jen and i were running near the beach so i said beach bunny, but i'm totally a.....snow/mountain bunny!!! i actually don't like the beach at all.... being surrounded by harmful UV rays, little tiny pieces of sand that can and do hide everywhere, and being surrounded by bikinis and seeing boobs and ass, no thank you! i LOVE, LOVE being in the mountains, surrounded by huge trees, a brook bubbling near by, and birds singing their morning songs. glorious. if i could plan out one perfect day, it would consist of me waking up in a cabin, heated by warmth coming from a fireplace, eating a breakfast of a bowl of organic oatmeal with organic blueberries and ridiculously good coffee, taking a hike in a way traveled path with the boys and jason (well traveled so there would be no fears of running into any unwelcomed creatures like bears!). the weather would be crisp and we would see steam coming from our breath,  but it wouldn't be uncomfortably too cold. then we could come home for simple lunch and spend the day reading by the fireplace and playing board games. then as dinner rolled around, we would drive to the nearest town (couldn't be more than 20 minutes which is my limit to drive to get food) and we would get a great meal prepared by a famous chef who has opened up his newest restaurant in the area. then we would come back home, warm up with a hot bath, get into our comfy pjs (boys in matching ones) and i would read aloud to the boys as the snow would start falling. then we would fall asleep in our log cabin with only the sounds from the crackling fireplace to keep us company. sounds perfect, right?!!! ah man, i could have written, walden, or in the woods. haha... there is something so beautiful and alluring to me about living the simple life and enjoying the god given beauty that surrounds us. i don't know why i keep going back to this thought these days. (don't worry, jason still has a job and we're doing fine!) it just seems we want more and more, and we work so hard to get it but is it REALLY we want or need?

sorry to get all laura ingalls on you. i'm trying to help my mom see that she doesn't have to work. she stresses out every day, is on the road 2 hours a day, deals with clients (i don't know how they even communicate!), eats out because she doesn't have time and energy to cook real food, has to pay for gas to get to work ($500 a month), has to pay for dry cleaning for all her work clothes, etc...the list goes on and on. but what is all this "work" for? she is overly generous when she goes out with her friends, she buys herself $300 tory burch shirts that she will probably wear a hand ful of times and other items too.  all of her worldly possessions come at a HUGE cost, no? to her sanity and health! wouldn't it  make more sense for her to live SIMPLE life and not feel the need to accumulate so much stuff that she doesn't REALLY need?! my mom and i have been having conversations about this and i think this is where the whole "living simply" comes from. my mom is the HARDEST worker that i know and has worked YEARS, day in and day out, to provide for us. i know that with all her hard work, she feels like she deserves a few good things here and there...and she does!! i'm just saying that sanity, health comes before everything....definitely before a pair of shoes or bag!! i'm hoping that this will be the year that my mom retires!

i would write more but i have to go take tyler somewhere! more laters! :)


Blogger Christine said...

Omg you are such an old school Asian! I don't know anyone our age that likes persimmons just our parents age! Lol. Ahhhh your mom works hard and should buy whatever she wants! Haha. A new shirt or bag or shoes makes all that hard work worth it!

9:37 AM  

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