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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

it hit me today that my baby will be turning 8 in a couple of months! oh dear, where did the time go? i went back tonight to look at some old pictures of tyler. (i know, too much time on my hands. :) this picture was taken two days after tyler was born. you can imagine why i never posted this picture on this site...haha, omg, i am not one of those ladies that look "normal" after labor and delivery! actually, i have to say that i weighed MORE after tyler came out than when he was in my's a LONG story that i promise to share one day.
tyler, this was the start of our great adventure together.
what cha looking at? haha. we put jason's necklace on him. think tyler was 2 months here.
mother's day flowers, so tyler was 2 months here. i miss this baby stage!
3 months old. picture taken the day before tyler and i flew back to LA without jason (he had to stay back to take a test).  i remember crying while waiting for the plane because jason wasn't coming with us.
here is a pic of tyler at 1 1/2 months. in all my pictures with him at this stage, i look soooo tired! he was a fussy baby and needed to be held 24 hours for 2 months!
tyler, i can't believe you are almost 8!!!! i asked you tonight if you enjoyed your pancakes that i ate when you were in my tummy 8 years ago (on christmas day) and you said, "not really, they tasted moldy." haha... very funny.
i love how you say, "geez, you're so scary," when i yell at you, but you always say it smiling and you look so grown up.
i love your spastic dances you do (i'm sorry, bud, you got your daddy's dancing genes!)
i love how you still love to hug and kiss me, and i hope that never ends.
there is nothing i love more than being your mommy.


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