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Thursday, November 08, 2012

because i am a mom and a daughter, i can relate to this song and it always makes me tear up.

it also reminds me of claudia because, although she is only 18 months older than me, she has been my second mom in a way. of course, we fought at times growing up (i can't imagine any siblings NOT fighting), but she is my best friend and i have had many best days with her...just ordinary days that you have day in and day out. she has always been on my court, always encouraged me, always protected me, always made sure i was laughing and smiling even when she couldn't, tried to teach me, always let me hold her hand (and feet) when i was scared, and always took care of me...even when we were wee little girls. no matter what, i know she will always have my back. my life wouldn't be my life without her.

so, to claudia park wang, i dedicate this song to you. i love you very much. i had the best day with you today.


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