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Monday, October 22, 2012

hello, hello, my peeps..some random thoughts this morning...

1. today, chase's class was suppose to go on a field trip to a pumpkin patch and i was to follow along as a chaperone. it's raining today so it got cancelled. yay!! i was actually really happy about it....i'm so mean!

2. it is so cold today! like in the 50s. i need to get used to this weather. being cold makes me not want to do anything productive. i remember in college, it took A LOT for me to even go to class on cold days! haha...

3. pool and backyard still not done yet. they were planning on pouring cement around the pool and patio tomorrow but don't think that will happen since it's suppose to rain. once the backyard and shutters are done and jason puts up some more pictures around the house, i'll feel a lot better.

4. got my first iphone the other day and it hasn't left my side since i got it...i love it! how does instagram make every picture so nice?! even a pic of the boys eating lunch and playing chess comes out ok!

5. sometimes, when the boys whine about wanting something, i ask, "who are you?" and chase says, "i'm your son!" it's cute.

6. tyler wakes me up with a question 90% of all mornings. "remember when you said this..... " it usually starts off. 

7. when tyler was four, i gave him an apple and said, "eat this because an apple a day keeps the doctor away." he said, "well, then i can't eat it." i asked him why and he said, "then daddy would never come home!" i thought that was cute then and i wanted to write it in here so he could read it later.

8. love the holiday season. i love the smell of apple cinnamon candles. can't wait to visit southern cal for the holidays and see claudia's new house... can you believe their house has an elevator in it? i can't, so i need to see it for myself!

9. i might try to blog more with my phone in the future. we'll see how that goes!

10. jason is so anal when it comes with things around the house! it's so weird that he wants things PERFECT, but he is SOO MESSY! Like, he wants all the contractors to do their stuff perfectly and if it isn't, he will make them do it over. i've actually never seen him like this and i am really surprised by it. like, some guy came to put up some blinds and one is a tiny bit slanted and he wants the guy to do it over. things like that. i've NEVER seen him be so picky before!

10. chase said he wants to wear his karate uniform for halloween. is that cheesy?! it will save us money and it is only ONE night but isn't that just cheese?!

11. tyler said he wants to be psy, the korean singer. i have no idea. i guess all i need to get him is a bow and sunglasses because he has a suit. we'll see.

12. i once had 8 steak knives and now i am down to 1! where did they go?! i guess i accidentally threw them away one at a time...sad!

13. i've been drinking caffeinated drinks again and it's messing with my sleep routine and i'm more tired when i drink caffeinated than when i don't. when will i ever learn?

14. i hate cleaning up during the weekends. don't ask me why. i can't figure it out myself. i think it's due to the fact that jason is here and he doesn't really help out with house chores or anything, and it makes me not want to do things too. weird, huh?

15. i think i'm ready to buy myself a tennis racket and play tennis with tyler now! i hate all sports but i'm kind of excited! i'm gonna kick his butt...haha... mean again!

16. went to check out fresh and easy market today for the first time. i liked what i saw! it's kind of a far drive from where we live and i didn't buy their premade stuff to heat and serve, but i thought the concept of it was interesting!

17. oh, i forgot the main reason that i started writing in here today. i am so sad! i donated my favorite pair of boots when we moved and now that it's fall i want it back!! :( we've been spending so much money on house stuff so i feel like i can't go and spend hundreds on a pair of shoes. :( i loved those boots... they were sooo comfortable. i don't know what possessed me to get rid of them. i'm really really sad about it!

18. anyways, just a long list of random thoughts. hope you are doing well!! stay warm!


Blogger Christine said...

Always so happy to read your thoughts. You bring a smile to your face. Miss you gf!

2:21 PM  

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