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Thursday, September 27, 2012

i'm in such a crummy mood right now. first off, i'm sick with a cold. i NEVER get sick so this is a real bummer. secondly, i am waiting to have a nasty conversation with someone and not looking forward to it. dang, growing up and having to be a bitch (so necessary at times) is so hard.

i am so sad. it's about our pool. so, us and two of our neighbors are using the same pool company. i just got a message from the pool company saying that we will have to pay an additional $1,000 bcause they hit rock when they were digging our backyard and they had to use their jackhammer to break up that rock. but here's the thing. our two neighbors used the same equipment for LONGER than us and they are not getting charged. wtf, right?! plus, they NEVER brought it up to us the two days they were here, (never "we want to let you know we hit rock and you will be charged extra.") why tell us two days after they are done digging? i just feel like they are pulling a fast one on us. it pisses me off on so many levels. so i'm sitting here in "fight mode." i'm expecting a call at any second and the inner bitch will have to come out. i am sad. i am sick. i don't want to fight. i feel like an idiot because maybe it was our fault- maybe we didn't seem educated enough about the process to make them think they could pull a fast one on us. you live. you learn. you grow. i guess it's part of the whole process. :(


Blogger Christine said...

A pool?! Dang girl. Haha that's what I got out of that post that you're getting a pool. Not that you have issues with being charged. Be happy you can afford a pool! Lol. Jk I would be pissed too!

4:11 PM  

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