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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

random thoughts:

1. saw jenny (think that is her name) on "flip out" wearing a shirt that read, "i see dumb people." hilarious! i want that shirt! not that i could wear it given the fact that i am usually with the boys and that wouldn't be very nice at all. but, that made me laugh. i wish i could wear it!

2. chase has a habit of taking off his pants or shorts everytime he uses the restroom and walks around the house with his underwear on. it's a strange habit and one i shall have to stop in the near future. however, it doesn't seem fair that chase will have to stop walking around in his underwear when he sees his daddy walking around in his underwear. need to talk to jason too.

3. just want to record here things that tyler doesn't like to eat: bananas, yogurt, whipped cream, avocado, cupcakes or cake. wonder if those things will change when he gets older. chase? he will eat anything and everything!

4. what makes me laugh? boys doing gangnam style.

5. i asked the boys, "what does daddy always say?" and their response: "go to your room." (jason will never raise his voice when the boys do something wrong. he simply tells them what they did and tells them to go to their room.) i asked the boys, "what do i always say to you?" and their response: "JUST EAT!" (in an ugly screaming voice.)

6. tyler saw jason and my engagement picture that we had blown up to display at our wedding and i asked him if mommy and daddy look different. he said, "daddy looks the same but i think he has a better smile in this picture than now. and mommy, you look younger and skinnier in this picture." haha!!! gotta love kids!

ok, gotta go pick up mi hijos (mis hijos? susan, help me out with my spanish here!)


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