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Monday, September 24, 2012

random thoughts:

1. i am a morning person. usually. i can get more done in one focused morning than i can do in three hours after the boys go to bed. i can also talk a mile a minute in the mornings.  yes, even more so than nights. sorry to all the people who have had to endure my talking in the mornings. once, i met up with a friend in the morning and after a lond diatribe from me, she exclaimed, "girl, you can talk!" haha... that was a funny moment.

2. just got a time line from jess (rich's fiancee) for their upcoming wedding. can't believe my little squirt of a brother is getting married! suits have been ordered for the boys, hotels booked...just need to lose like five pounds and i'm good to go. haha... you know how it is, i've been working on the last five pounds for like 20 years. (there was a time in OC when i had a good 10 pounds to lose but i'm finally back to the usual 5 pounds. whew...)

3. we started breaking ground this saturday for our pool! so super, duper excited because as you guys know, i'm less than enthusiastic about public pools. i'm sure all our neighbors were thrilled to wake up to jack hammering this weekend (i feel sooo bad. didn't know it would be that bad.) anyways, it will be done just in time for.....winter! haha... at least we have something to look forward to for next spring/summer.

3. i accidentally left half an onion out on the kitchen counter last night and woke up to the beautiful smells of onion in the air this morning. how can something so small make the whole house reek of digustingness?

4. so i was talking to a interior decorator (a mom at school) and she gave me a name for the style i like....bohemian chic, she called it! i don't like too princessy or glitzy. i actually like the look of mismatched pillows, antique furniture mixed with things that seem a little romantic. when we were in sequoia this summer, we stayed in a cabin that had bits and pieces of what looked like garage sale finds and i found the look so cozy and cute. anyways, not that i'll be able to put anything like that together myself, but good to finally have a name to the style i like!

5. speaking of glitzy, i am kind liking the show "here comes honey boo boo child." ok, who am i kidding? i love it! the whole family cracks me up. i love how they are just themselves (no apologies needed) and i actually think that alana can be very cute at times (when she is not drugged on her go-go juice). so i guess i must confess: i made sketti for the boys yesterday. (if you know what sketti is, i am sorry.) they didn't really like it at all and asked for normal spaghetti sauce. anyways, i am proud to have tried a new recipe (haha). see all the great things you learn when you watch mindless, useless reality shows?

6. kids crack me up all day long. tyler woke me up this morning and said, "mommy, mommy, mommy, if you wake up right now, you will see the north star in the sky." this wouldn't have surprised me because i can acutally see a lot of stars where i live (i have no idea why). i woke up and tyler pointed out the window.... at a neighbor's backyard light that was on their roof. unfortunately, he wasn't joking. i will have to work on astronomy with the boys obviously. haha. i will tease him about this for many years.

7. something about this house that i like. i have no idea why or how or anything like that, but we get a nice breeze almost every night at our new house. like i said, i have no idea why. there must be some logical reasoning behind this (geographical, wind patterns, something scientific like that, no?) anyways, we open the windows and i swear i feel like i'm in hawaii or korea (it feels just like the wind that i felt in chechu island many many years ago). i might not like it so much once the temps fall, but for now, i'm enjoying it very much!

8. something that i think is funny to say. "I birthed you," said to tyler or chase or "I birthed you two beautiful boys," to jason. i don't know why that sounds funny to me. am i saying it totally wrong?

9. ok, gotta run. more of my ridiculously pointless thoughts at another time! don't feel like doing make up. might trek to the mall and try to find someone to do it for me this morning. maybe i will learn a few tricks and learn how to turn this old leathery face into a 20 year old again. then it would be worth the trip. however, if the lady (or gay man) has no idea how to work  eyeshadows on an asian face with no natural shadows to work with to begin with, i will come out looking like a china doll from hell and walk out to my car with my head hanging in shame. in that case, the trip to the mall would not have been worth the gas. what to do. what to do today. maybe i will go back to homegoods again and meet my friend ashley (a cashier there). not really my friend, but someone i've been seeing and chatting with often lately. hehe...

10. ok, really gotta run. i am a mommy. i have things to do. i don't have time to be on this thing!!!! get off, cristina!!!


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