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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How do other moms do it?!!!! I drop off the boys at school, come home, and I can do "mommy" things around the house until pick up time: clean, get dinner ready, get uniforms ready, put things away, dishes, calls, etc....and it NEVER all gets done...ever! And even if MOST of it gets done one day, I have to do it ALL over again the next day!!! And, I'm not even good at it. I realized this morning that I forgot to put the clean clothes from the washer into the dryer.....from yesterday! Ewww....gross!

I went over to my neighbors house to ask her to sign something for me (neighbor awareness stuff) and I was asking her about her backyard (Since it is ALL done and we moved in at the same time! We just signed our contract for hardscape this past weekend.) and she invited me in to see her house and backyard...and it was PERFECT!!! NOTHING seemed out of place...AND she has a 2 year old daughter at home! Granted, she did say that her daughter had been watching Dora for two hours so she could get stuff done around the house, but still!

Also, I've been TRYING to do a lot of decorating since Monday. Trying, meaning just aimlessly walking around stores and getting one thing here and there. Decorating is kind of hard because I need Jason's help for it. I need him to put up pictures, I need him to move furniture around. I need him to pick up the heavy stuff from stores. It would be a lot of easier if I could just do it all myself.

Plus, everything is so expensive and I don't have the heart to spend so much money on anything. My problem is I can spend a little here and there on useless little things, but I have a hard time spending on expensive things even though all those little cheapy things I didn't really need ADDS UP to one more expensive substantial thing I did need. Problems. I got so many of them!!!

On the bright side, I'm feeling a little more confident in decorating, and I'm starting to think that it could actually be fun! Yay!

I am sure that I want to work soon. Once this school year over and the house is somewhat "done," then I'm looking forward to working. Where and what? I have no idea! Actually, I would love to go back into the classroom. I think I might sub for awhile and get my foot wet after so many years away from the classroom and then I'm hoping that a sub position might open up doors for me (as in contacts with principals, job opportunities, etc.)

Ok, gotta run. So much to do!!! Just a quick update of my vida aburrido!


Anonymous susan said...

post before and after pictures of your house!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Yes definitely want to see some pics of the house!

4:17 PM  

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