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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I wish I liked to clean. My mom and Claudia does, and it is quite amazing to see these two women wake up in the mornings and start thinking of all the way they are going to clean up their house that day! They actually LIKE cleaning! When my mom was here visiting, she would wake up and start cleaning from the moment that her foot touched the ground. I swear she was giddy with delight after finishing up one area or room to her liking. She tells me that she needs everything to be clean to her standards for her to feel at peace with her surroundings. It's quite inspiring...I wish I had more of that gene in me. Don't get me wrong. Of course, I clean up! But I wish that I actually LIKED doing it, as some people seem to do, and I wish messes bugged me, as it seems to bug others.

I always worry about the boys when they are at school. The main thing that I worry about when they are at school is that they are wasting time while they are there. They spend so much time at school and it bugs me to think that they might not even learn one single thing the whole time they are there. It bugs me to no end and then I have thoughts of them staying home with me all the time (cause I know more clearly what they DON'T know and I'll force those things upon them! I half kid!) I've been in the classroom so I know how difficult it is to differentiate learning for all the students in one class. Some kids just get lost in the shuffle and don't learn much at all the whole year. I refuse to let that happen to Tyler and Chase. As I told a friend earlier, I don't care if I come across as the pushy (or bitchy!) mom when my boys are concerned. That is my job! make sure my boys have the best experiences that life has to offer- including school! Like I said, they are there for the main part of the day and that's where they spend most of their hours! Anyways, I'm always stressed about this. I was talking to my mom about my these fears this morning and she basically told me to "get a life" and that if I spend my days worrying about this all the time then I need to find a job or find a hobby or cook more or clean more! haha... She is probably right!

I bought Garnier BB cream on a whim the other week and I'm liking it! (Don't ask me why I writing about BB cream on my blog! haha!) Anyways, I've been a devotee for Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for so long, I never thought I would like another product but the BB cream has a little more coverage (which I need now in my old age!), is so much cheaper, and is suppose to do all these miraculous things to your skin while you're using it! Yay all around! It is a tad bit greasier but that goes away with a stroke of some powder. Once again, don't know why I felt the urge to share this...If you are a dude, you can use it too! I heard guys in Korea use BB cream too!

So much to do around the house! Shutters, crown molding, backyard, decorate, etc. AHHH!!! The first thing that we should do are window coverings so people don't have to see Jason walking around in his underwear! And then some grass in the backyard would be nice so the boys don't have to march around in dirt! One at a time, Cristina, one at a time...

Made my first meatloaf the other day and it came out ok, and it was so easy too! Very inspired to cook more...let's see if that lasts! :) Why am I writing about meatloaf here?! Ok, now you see why I almost said good bye to my blog. There's just not too much to write about in days are filled with total mommy stuff- cleaning, cooking, folding clothes, figuring out the boys' schedules, making sure uniforms are in the car, responding to birthday invitations, planning meals, grocery shopping, paying bills, making phone calls, etc....makes for a very boring blog I tell you!

Saw some Olympic event on TV over the summer and you know what totally captivates me? Women gymnastics. OMG, these girls are amazing. How the heck to do they do it?! I watch with my mouth wide open (like an idiot) and shake my head in disbelief at their amazing strength and abilities. I can't even imagine how many hours they have put into their sport to do what they can do. I can't even do one pull up so I can't even imagine how strong they are. Oh, and the drama- them leaving their families to train, them falling at competitions, Bela with his moustache cheering them on like a father, tears of pain and tears of joy...who doesn't like all this drama?!!! Anyways, hands down the best Olympic event to watch.

Gotta run! A mommy's job is NEVER done! Right, ladies?!


Blogger Christine said...

Have you tried dr jarts bb cream? It's Korean. Kinda thick but mix it w sunscreen. It's great that you care about your boys education - you should! And great job cooking! Altho can't see Jason eating such an American meal like meatloaf. Haha.

3:01 PM  

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