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Saturday, July 14, 2012

hello hello,

random thoughts:

1. it is really hot here the past few days. one day, my car read 108 degrees. so gross, right? it's not too bad today. i think the high for today is 90. we are moving next saturday and the high for that day is expected to be 99. shucks. it's going to be painful.

2. speaking of move, guess how many boxes i've packed? zero. no really, i'm not kidding. not ONE box! haha... i'm such a procrastinator through and through. i work best when i have pressure under my yes, i'm anticipating that i will be up the whole night the day before the move. i got so spoiled when we moved up here. people came for two days and packed up our whole house while i sat and watched them. it was sooo nice. well, we don't have that luxury this time around but i guess i'm still thinking that some moving fairies will show up and get the whole job done for me. gotta get started. i've been saying that for weeks now and still not one box filled.

3. stopped drinking coffee last week- cold turkey. i was hurting for three days straight, but i'm totally fine now and i don't need it anymore. i'm so happy. i love, love, love coffee so i am sure that i will drink some decaf in the future, but at least i feel like i don't NEED it to be a functioning person. i'm thrilled.

4. ok, so you guys know how i get really "into"  certain things for periods of my life? what is it now? juicing! well, actually, i'm not totally immersed in this yet, because i don't have a juicer yet. (i told myself to wait till after the move.) but there is a juice place here and i've been going every day since i stopped coffee. i'm substituting my nasty coffee habit with a healthier juicing habit. i'm so excited. i can't wait to get my own juicer and make my own juices full of antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes...doesn't it just sound so healthy! :)
5. tyler's front two teeth came out two nights ago. he looks so funny and cute.

6. on 4th of july, jason bought some fireworks and were setting them off outside with the boys. i was upstairs taking a nap and i heard tyler say, "let's just stop now and wait till mom wakes up. i want her to see the show too." so cute. i just wanted to remember that.

7. yesterday, after i tucked tyler into bed, i just started doing some random cheers... totally looking like a fool because it didn't look like any cheer you would see on a field or looked like a cheer that you would see as a spoof on SNL. anyways, right before i left tyler's room, i said, "you know, i was a cheerleader when i was younger." and he said, "yeah, i did, but i didn't know you were soooo good." omg! the way he said sheer disbelief. it was sooo hilarious! i never want to forget the way he said that. (oh, tyler, mommy was horrible but i think that is so cute that you said that.)

8. so the next two weeks will be all about the move and grandparent visits. then, camping and possibly hawaii. (i don't know what is wrong with us... we are such last minute people. i swear we will decide the night before to go if we decide to go.) and then school will start again! summer is already over..wah! then, both tylerand chase will be in school 8:30-3:30. wow.... i don't know what i'm going to do with myself. i've never had so much time to myself in the last 7 years! what do other moms do when both their kids are in school? i guess i will never have any excuses not to be fit (cause i can exercise), to not have a clean house, to not have a gourmet dinner ready every night. i'll let you know if that all comes true. we shall see...

gotta run! will write more later!!!


Anonymous susan said...

how was the move? at least you get a clean and fresh start! :)
i recently got myself a blender and am loving making green smoothies for the family!
can't wait for the day when all of my kids are in school! i gots a long ways to go!
miss you!

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Christine said...

Wow can't believe you gave up coffee! Go you! Juicing is awesome. You feel so good and healthy. And just prep all the veggies and fruits for a day or twos worth and so easy!

1:03 PM  

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