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Sunday, May 20, 2012

i posted an article a second ago that was published on the huffington post website. yup, i totally agree. i apologize to all the moms out that that i judged before i became a mom, because before i had children, i was the perfect parent. my kids would be perfect, act perfectly at all times, and say the right things all the time. of course. i wouldn't they? i would teach them right from wrong and they would listen every time, right? those other "naughty" kids...they just have bad parents who don't know how to parent, right?

fast forward many years later.

i just laugh at non parents who judge me.

there was just one time when i felt really judged as a parent by a couple who did not have any children. i could tell they thought my boys were really bad kids. they made looks at each other when they saw my boys running around on the grass, told me that my boys sure had "lots of energy," and laughingly told me that they were "acting crazy." they said other things that hurt my feelings too.  i was in a wedding when we hung out with this couple. i could tell they were totally judging me and my boys to the point that i was feeling stressed out and i thought the boys were acting horribly too. but looking back, they were acting like normal 4 and 6 year olds do when they are at a wedding for hours. at one time, tyler came up to the head table where i was sitting, and the guy looked at tyler and said in a harsh tone, "go sit back in your seat and don't come back here again." this was when nothing much was going on and we were all just eating dinner. i was appalled. why couldn't my son come up and say hi to me and give me a hug?! i was in no situation to cause a scene so told tyler to go back and sit down with jason. anyways, that is just one time when i felt really judged by people who didn't have kids.

to a point, i understand where they are coming from. like the lady in the article, i too judged when i didn't have kids. yup, i was going to raise the perfect children who didn't act up at restaurants, who never picked their noses, who looked clean all the time, and were quiet and sat like statues at weddings.

but then again, if i had kids like that, my kids wouldn't be normal kids. children have their own ideas, do NOT listen all the time, and have a minds of their own!

i don't know. i just felt like saying sorry to all the people who i judged before i had kids. i understand now. i totally do. i'm sorry. no parent is perfect. no kid is perfect. after i had kids, i got it.


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