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Friday, May 18, 2012

i can't sleep. i'm going to be hurting tomorrow because it's suppose to be a "big" day. tyler is having a field day and, although i have no idea what to expect, i hear it will be one "crazy,  fun filled day." when i hear those words, all i imagine is myself under the hot sun trying to smile through the pain and boredom. really. i even asked tyler if he would like to stay home tomorrow. he said, "but i'm not sick." and i replied, "we could fake an illness." omg! now that i think about it. what kind of parent says that to their child? haha...

today, i went to look at the new house. i don't have a key or anything but i can just walk right on in to see the progress of the house. jason took the boys to dinner for a fundraiser and i had to go an open house at another school cause i like spying on schools. anyways, i was alone and it was dark and as i turned the corner of our future family room, i came face to face with another individual! we both had little heart attacks. after realizing that we were both harmless, we cracked up laughing together. i found out she is a sophomore at the local school. she was really cute with smart looking glasses on. i could tell she had a good head on her shoulders. she told me she was going for a walk and decided to check out the house. i told her this will be my house in a couple of months and told her to come on by whenever she wanted. she was a very sweet girl and talking to her about high school made me think of my high school experience. i am so old and sappy now, but i was thinking, "wow...i was just in her place at one time in my life."

oh for reason, just reminds me...yesterday i talked to jessica, a former student of mine. she was 7 when she was in my 2nd grade class and now she is 17 and a junior in high school. my mom called me a couple of days ago and told me that jessica's mother came into her store in LA to ask my mom to ask me to call jessica. it was so good to talk to her. after we hung up, it made me think that i wish i could talk to all my former students somehow. wouldn't that be great to find out what they are up to? when you are a teacher, you love a group of students for one school year and after that year is over, you may or may not ever see them again. it's so sad. since our move to roseville, i have been saying that i would never work again if i didn't have to, but after talking to jessica, it made me yearn to be back in the classroom. yes, being a teacher is very hard work. it sometimes can be thankless and the pay sucks. yup, but when you have a former 2nd grade student looking for you to talk to you and knowing that you made a difference in ONE kid's life, it makes you think that you could do that for more children.

song by adele. aren't all her songs so soulful and moving?  have a great friday!!! yay!!! wish me luck tomorrow. i'm scared.


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