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Sunday, May 06, 2012

some random pics. the boys are getting so big now!

with my mom at disneyland. yup, chase put the apple in his mouth right when i took the picture.

the boys at the getty.

universal studios.

universal studios.

katie and sara at medieval times. i think they had fun!

with our OC neighborhood friends. we are going camping in august! can't wait!

i think this picture is funny because i was yelling at chase when ty took this picture.

with baby sadie.

in front of universal.

with grandpa and grandma at universal.

"ya know i'm sexy."

look how empty universal was!

with sara at a korean restaurant.

chase on the carousel at disneyland.

ockinderprep reunion.

the boys again. sorry the pics are out of order. jason was throwing water balloons at them and they were having the time of their lives! :)


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