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Monday, April 09, 2012

one time i was eating dinner with some girls and one girl asked this other girl at the table (we"ll call her jessie), "did you date a lot when you were younger?"

jessie cupped her face under her chin and said, "of course i did. look at this face."

later, after dinner, another person who was at the table said to me in the parking lot, "jessie is so full of herself. don't you think her response was soooo conceited?"

i was like, "no. i don't think she is conceited at all. she is actually a really sweet girl and i thought the comment was hilarious. plus, i think she IS gorgeous so it made the comment even funnier!"

i just love girls who are honest- girls who don't think about what they are going to say before they say it. girls who don't think of how they will be perceived with every comment that comes out of their mouth. i find girls who over think everything to be scary and manipulative! i like girls who can be so honest and just be themselves, even if it means turning some people away. i find it so refreshing!

so, yes, you can tell me you think you are perfect. or, you can also tell me your flaws and shortcomings too.

i will love you the more for it.


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