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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ok, found the house and now... the mission is...decorate the house! freakin a, i am so clueless in this area too!!! i told you...average jane at everything! i know, it sucks.

thoughts on decorating:

1. what is my STYLE you ask? heck if i know! i don't have one! vintagey? (no) modern? (no) elegant? (do you find me elegant? didn't think so.) country? (no) asian? (no) native americany? (no) no, no, and no! i don't have a STYLE for cryin out loud. i just want something that looks semi put together, semi not-college apartment looking. please!

2. people tell me to make a STYLE BOOK for what i like. the crazy thing is... i will like one VINTAGEY clock, one ASIAN looking art, one MODERN looking table, one COUNTRY looking kitchen cabinets. in pieces, i like it all! but i just don't think those things will look cohesive TOGETHER...that's the problem!

3. also, i have some pieces of furniture that are not too old, but what am i doing to do...chuck those things to "start over?!" probably not. so that means that i have to work with what i have right now, right? but what if my tastes have changed? what if my current color scheme doesn't do anything for me now...does that mean, i throw away all my art pieces and start all over again? oh geez louise. can a million bucks just fall at my feet, like, now?

4. i go from..."buy expensive pieces that will last a lifetime." to "what is the point? i'm going to hate it in a couple of years. just buy cheap to satisfy my fickleness so i don't feel to bad when i want to get rid of it in a couple of years (or months!)!

5. how do people put rugs under their dining tables? if you have kids, there is NO WAY you can put a rug under your dining table. that rug will be splattered with every sauce imaginable!

6. i love most model homes. how the heck do some people decorate so pretty?! i love how all the rooms are connected in some way.....from the living room to the kids''s all so dang perfectly put together!! how, how, HOW, HHHHHOOOOWWWW?!!! can you sense my desperation?!

anyways, something new to keep my little brain busy with for the time being. it's always something, right mommies? :)


Blogger Christine said...

this is where pinterest comes in handy. just "pin" all the stuff you like that you find online and see how it fits together. can you tell that i am a pinning junkie? it's fun. soon you'll see what your "style" is.

10:57 PM  

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