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Thursday, March 15, 2012

i go through food phases. (surprise. surprise.) there was a month when i drank soy milk every day. i read somewhere it was healthier than milk and so i forced myself to drink a cup. (i have boxes of soy milk from costco sitting in my garage at the moment and i'm trying to think of ways to donate them. i am concerned that they might not be good, but if they haven't reached expiration date, they should be ok, right?) then, i went through a greek yogurt phase. i would top plain full fat greek yogurt with tons of agave and granola and tell myself it was good for me. then i realized that this "healthy" breakfast was about 500 calories and put that aside. now, i'm going through a sun dried tomato pesto (from tjs) phase. soo yummy! i mix it up with a little bit of cream and top it on pasta for the boys, i add it to whole wheat bread with some turkey and, voila, lunch is served! it's so flavorful and i love it!

i have many dear friends with the name jennifer. so it is jen, jenn, and jenny. all day long, i'm like, jen did this and this is happening to jenny and jennifer said this and jason is like, "WHO are you talking about? why are all your friends named jen?!" haha...

ok. totally random post but i thought i would just get on to say hi this morning. it's still raining here. yes! yes! love the rain! keep it coming so i don't have to go to baseball practices and games! thank you to the one who sends rain our way!


Blogger Christine said...

ohhh, gotta try that sundried tomato pesto. and it's so funny bc that's how i feel about baseball practices and games too! how sad for the boys!

10:41 PM  

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