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Sunday, March 04, 2012

music is important.

the other week, i was waiting with chase while tyler had his juijitsu class. for some reason, i wasn't in a grouchy ass mood. you see, i hate all sporting type things- including all sports that my boys are involved in. i try VERY hard not to show my disdain in front of the boys and wear a fake smile as they practice running, catching balls, hitting with sticks, etc, but i'm practically writhing in pain in my seat and have the most bored look on my face. so i was amazed to see that i felt relaxed and actually was enjoying waiting for tyler's juijitsu practice to end. then i realized why! they had music on in the waiting area. i couldn't believe it.... that little change made all the difference in the world! amazing, i thought. i didn't know that music could affect that much.

if you find a great exercise class that you love, you are very lucky. with so many years of taking different classes here and there, i realize that a GREAT class with a GREAT teacher that you just LOVE is very hard to find! you kind of have to mesh with the instructor and love the same kinds of moves AND music. for example, some teachers are more "latin-y", some are more hip hop, some are more "80s." anyways, it's more difficult to find than you would imagine....sad! i've recently have been trying out this family owned gym around here. the other moms around here love it. me? not so much. i've taken a few classes and the teachers are super friendly and nice, but i'm not feeling the music! they have these generic music they exercise to. it SOUNDS like something top 40ish, but it's not anything they play on the radio. the choreographed moves are so lame too. i'm on a mission to find a class that i love. i hope i find one!

i am so fickle. really. this whole house hunting business in bringing my fickleness to light. yesterday morning, i told jason to call our agent to bid on this one house. by night, i had totally changed my mind to another house.. in a completely different price point. jason looked at me like i was crazy and told me that he couldn't believe that i could go from one house to another completely different house in one day. i know...i can't believe it myself. it's just the way i operate. with money, spending, things like that, i KNOW i am very contradictory. i have this crazy inner struggle all the times: at one spectrum, i want to spend less and save, i want to live with less, i want to buy generic, i want to live a quiet, humble, plain life. on the other hand, i want more, more,  more! i want to spend, spend, spend! i want brand names! it's totally my dad (simple, plain life) vs. my mom (brand name is important, spend big or go home). i am a child who was raised with two completely different sets of values, hence, the inner turmoil is constantly there. i go through stages waivering back and forth between the two for sure and it shows in the way i live. so which house will we end up with? i have no idea. i guess it depends on who i listen dad on my left shoulder or my mom on my right.

i live next to this car wash called quick quack. they have duck as a mascot and on certain days, they have the mascot dressed on the street dancing to advertise their car wash. (think yellow donald duck on the street waving at passing cars) i don't know why, but it always makes me happy to see. it's just so odd to see.... like, the boys and i are rushing in the mornings and i'm driving them to school and i see this duck dancing and being silly on the street, and looking so out of place, and it just always makes me and the boys laugh.

have a great sunday. on the agenda today? well, going to more open houses, of course!! :)


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