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Monday, February 27, 2012

random thoughts:

1. i am totally addicted to coffee now. i've started my day with a cup of coffee nearly every day since we moved here and now, if i don't get a cup, i am so tired. it's sad to know that you can't really wake up without a cup of caffeine (with TONS of sugar and cream). what a horrible, disgusting habit. urgh, i need to stop.

2. i'm turning into a hypocrondriac. i could be a tiny bit sick and i think absolutely the worst possible scenario. when you're younger, you don't think that bad things can happen to you. you just think that health problems are for old people. then, you become that old person and you know that any of those things can happen to you. if jason wasn't a doctor, i swear would be at the doctor's office at least once a month to rule out possible health scares. i'm lucky he is here to call me crazy every day!

3. we got parakeets for the boys this weekend. they wanted a pet so bad so i told them they could have a bird or a fish. i was hoping they would just say forget it, but they opted for the bird. the boys LOVE their birds! it's cute, actually. did you know that you can take birds out of their cages and play with them?! well, hold them and put them on your shoulders and hope they don't take a shit while you're holding them! the boys love feeding them and petting them and just watching them. i call the cage and all the other stuff that comes with the birds what they really are: clutter! but the boys love their birds so i guess that is all that matters.

4. in my attempt to live a more simpler life, i have actively tried to "shield" myself from things that might make me want to buy more crap! i've unsubscribe myself from mostly 90% of my email (mainly shopping sites), i will not be renewing my subscription to any magazines or newspapers, i do not peruse websites to see what is "in" at the moment, i do not go to the mall to "pass time" or do "recreational shopping." if i think something will tempt me to buy something i don't really need, i don't even "go there!" it's not even about saving money, it's about not buying things that i don't truly need, and we need so little to really live a happy life!

is today monday? have a great week!


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