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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

random thoughts:

1. took a tour of the boys' new school for '12-'13 this morning. what a waste of time!'s not like we're NOT going to send them there and we could have found out all the information online. at least i found the principal to be a rather sweet lady so i'm happy about that.

2. i've been calling the boys "honey boo boo child." if you know where this line comes from, you need to get a life...and so do i.

3. my theme word for 2012...simplify.

4. story about my gold watch. when we first moved here, i was on the hunt for a watch. i knew what i wanted- it HAD to be a gold oversized "boyfriend" watch. so i researched online, ordered one, returned it because it didn't look like the picture online (color was a little off), got another one, waited for the ups guy so someone else wouldn't walk off with it, loved it in the beginning, wore it, worried about it getting scratched up, took it off when i was washing my hands, worried it would get lost or stolen, THEN i realized, "i don't NEED this watch!" think of all the time i spent on this stupid thing i don't need: researching it, purchasing it, putting it on, worrying about it. it wasn't cute anymore- IT had stolen my time, my money, my thoughts, and even my space....all things that could be spent on something else... on something more productive for my family and the world. so i returned the damn thing. (thank god the land of consumerism has such lenient return policies.) i will never consume my thoughts, money, space on trivial things i don't really need. (if you have a watch, i'm not knocking you. it's just something that I didn't need and didn't fit into my lifestyle. i know someone who cannot live without her watch. she feels naked without it and needs it to keep track of her patients throughout the day. i get that some people need their watch!) so here is the story of my poor watch. just trying to become more aware of what i TRULY need in my life.

5. saw jenn and jeannie this weekend. just like college...with wrinkles and kids! :) i'm so glad that we are in norther cal together! yay!

6. jason has been in the phillipines on a "missions" trip for about a week and a half. he'll be back this saturday. the boys have really missed him, especially chase. he says, "let's go to the airport to pick dad up right now." i tell him in a couple more days and he whines, "but i miss him now!" aww, so cute. a lot of people ask me how i can survive without jason being here to help me and i laugh. it's easier! haha...jason really is my third child..didn't you know?!

7. so yesterday was valentine's day and jason wasn't here. was i sad i didn't get chocolate or flowers or a gift? 100%, the answer is NO! I wasn't sad at all! i don't really care about valentine's day AT ALL!!! it doesn't mean anything to me AT ALL!!!! jason shows me he loves me every day. i don't need him to get me NOT ONE THING to prove his love to me. i mean that from the bottom of my heart. i have never asked jason to buy me anything or expected anything that costs money from him. he has, on occasion, given me gifts (which i found very sweet) but it was completely of his own doing and he knows that i don't expect anything from him of monetary value. he also knows that he won't receive any reprecussions in the form of whining or words for not getting me a gift. his love for me and the boys is enough to satistfy me every day, day in and day out.

well, happy valentine's day (a day late) to all those who i love. thanks for being a part of my life. when did i turn into such a sap?! haha.... miss you all.

since i love all of jim brickman's songs... enjoy!
(sorry, had to remove the video! rats!)


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