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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i don't like traveling.

why do people travel? i don't know. i just don't like to go anywhere- especially far- as in, i don't want to get on a plane and go anywhere. is it to relax? to sit my a pool or beach? dude, when we lived in OC, i had a very nice community pool in walking distance from our house and, in the two years that we lived there, i never went in the water- not ONE time. so you say a beach is better? hmmm... think we went to the beach ONCE in four years that we lived in OC and i cursed the sand and the sun the whole time we were there. hotels? not really my thing either. i have all the comforts of home AT my home...thank you very much.

the ONLY reason that i think traveling far would be worth the trouble, the effort, the money, the time would be if we could LIVE exactly how the natives in that area do. i mean, i would want to go INSIDE someone's home and see how they live on a daily basis. how and what does the mother cook every day? what do the kids play with? what does their education look like? what are the expectations of women in that country? i would want to bring that sort of understanding back with me after my travels were over.

well, y'all know THAT will never happen. first off, who would invite me into their homes? secondly, even if they did, i'm scared to go into strangers homes. oh, and the places that i am most curious about? i would NEVER, EVER visit out of sheer FEAR.

anyways, that's my thought on traveling. i would much rather just sit at home with a cup of coffee and read about these places. sad!! i'm such a chicken.


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