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Saturday, January 14, 2012

so i realize i kind of have a one track mind.

when we first moved here, for the first month, all i thought about was cooking. i was determined to make all meals completely from scratch so i spent nights looking up recipes online, writing down meal plans, and making a mess in the kitchen!

then i quickly got bored and started working out nearly every day. this lasted about a month.

my current "thing?" cleaning and organizing. i can't get enough of decluttering, organizing and cleaning. it's so crazy. you would think i was pregnant and "nesting!" i used to be the biggest slob before getting married. (right, jen and weikuo?) slowly things got a little better but i could never say that i was an ocd neat freak, but i saw this girl's youtube channel and for some reason, it all "clicked" in my head! so yup, got like 10 huge bags of stuff out of the house (trash and donataion), donated 4 boxes of books to tyler's school, put all like items together, put everything in containers and pretty baskets and have been labeling everything with my label maker! i'ts not perfect but so much cleaner and functional. it's actually FUN...kind of like a game! who would have thought i, of all people, would think cleaning is FUN?! i've cleaned out every room except the toy room (which i assume will be the hardest for me). wish someone would just come over and take everything! it's such a waste but i'm doing some crazy toy purging today!!

side note: caffeine is so bad for me. last night, i ate some chocolate sent from tyler's friend (hi van rij family!) and i felt like the world was coming to an end. i could actually feel my heart beating just sitting down and my whole body was shaking. that doesn't sound right, does it? i really shouldn't consume anything with caffeine in it, especially at night. but i love chocolate and coffee!!! sadness!

have a great three day weekend...i'm off for some morning coffee!!!


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