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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

thought i would post some pics to go with my previous post. here is the crazy...i mean, quirky man! don't ask me why his eyebrows are slightly red. that is another crazy, embarrassing story! haha.... i swear i could write a book.

throughout his visit, my dad would ask me to take pics of him. here, he wanted a pic of him next to the sign because he wanted to have proof to show his friends that he was in sacramento. um, ok....

then we went to an open house and asked me to take a picture of him sitting at this made up dining table because the table looked nice. omg! a lady walked by and said, "it would look more believable if you take off your jacket." haha.....

then he liked this fountain at another open house and  he asked me to take this picture.

the man won't buy expensive cars, but he wants a picture in front of one and "make sure you get the bmw sign." soooooo weird!

playing with the boys. my dad sure has a lot of energy!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your dad is a very handsome man! I can definitely see the resemblance in your boys and your dad!


8:33 PM  

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