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Monday, December 19, 2011

random thoughts.

1. first official day of winter break = lazy day today! yay!! my parents in law are coming tomorrow and staying for 10 days so i guess i should spend today cleaning up and stocking up the fridge. those are the two main things for the day and i'm feeling lazy, lazy, lazy! :)

2. for my whitney peeps, i had dinner with jane r. last night... we whitneyites are everywhere! i was so thrilled to find out that she lives IN roseville! first question to each other, "what are YOU doing here?!" haha  it is always great to see an old friend and i am so happy that it is jane. she is still the same sweetie from hs! conversation was full of squeals and laughter talking about old all know i love hearing names from the past! jane, you are stuck with me, girlfriend! :)

3. did i ever tell you guys chase's nickname? it's kangy! :) it came about like this: i have this huge light blue robe that i wear on cold winter days when i'm feeling today. and whenever i would wear it, he would crawl into the robe and stick his head out like a kangeroo so we started calling him kangy. chase, you will always be my kangy!

4. this reminds me of one thing that i like to do with the boy. it's kind of odd so bear with me. i like to stand behind them when they are walking, support them in the armpits and say, "oh, you can do are walking!" like they are little babies just learning how to walk. like i said, i's very odd! but when i do it, they act like they can't walk and waddle about like little babies and i think it is the cutest thing! :) i wonder how long i can pull "this" on the kids. there will be a day when i do this and they look at me like i've gone crazy. oh, that will be a very sad day!

5. tyler just came up behind me and said, "i know what you wrote. 'chase you will always be my kangy.'" he pretended to be sad when he said it, took a bite of my see's chocolate and walked off smiling. love that kid. he has the best attitude.

ok, better get to being productive! i can't really call myself a morning person when i feel lazy in the mornings. god know that i'm not a "night owl" because i always say my energy goes with the sun. so what does that make me? not a morning person. not a night person. a damn lazy person.


Anonymous susan said...

speaking of old whitney peeps - i see sung ko every week in naomi's library class! :)

8:25 AM  

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