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Friday, December 02, 2011

wow..the last two hours was a whirlwind. moms, you know what i'm talking about, right? wake kids up, make breakfast, make sure the kids eat at least half of it, wipe butts (in my case, one butt), pick out clothes, dress kids, pack lunches, shoes and jackets on, get in that car with backpacks and all the other crap! on top of that, today i was in charge of bringing snack for chase's preschool so fruit had to be cut up. on top of THAT, tyler had a big project due today and i had to have him practice that. on top of THAT, we had to drop off something off before school started this morning. was rush, rush, rush!

now, i'm back at in my quiet house with my well deserved caramel macchiato. amen!

i've totally had pms the last two days. i think it is dwindling down this morning- thank goodness (or i obviously would have been a crying heaping mess this morning). what does pms look like? well, for one, the first thing that came into my mind when i woke up yesterday was, "why doesn't jason hug me more? wah! why doesn't be tell me he loves me more?!" haha.... that is sooooo pms talking, right? then, i've been eating non stop...have the total munchies and nearly finished my bag of my fav-wheat thins. also, my body was really cold all day long yesterday and it's not because it was in the 40s here. no, this kind of "cold" feels different. it's like in my BONES kind of cold. anyways, another symptoms that my monthly friend brings? my right eye hurts! either i have an infection or something is in it or i have dry eyes...or something. whatever it is, i blame it on pms. pms is quite convenient in that you can blame it for anything. eyes hurt? it must be pms. feeling bitchy? it's not me! talk to pms. feeling like you don't want to cook, clean or do anything productive. well, by darnit, what do you expect?! i have pms! you wouldn't man, you!

sorry about the lack of posts here. i realize that this house is not very condusive to me typing on the computer. let me explain. i think i would write more once the boys were sleeping but we have the two computers placed right now in earshot of jason's tv watching. i don't know why but i don't like to make too much noise when jason is relaxing. i know he has had a hard day at work and once he is done with his dinner, has taken off his work clothes (oh, i wish i could elaborate here) and has placed his huge body on the couch in his "spot" to watch his beloved csi shows, i turn myself into a quiet as could be. no dishes, no banging around putting away toys, no typing sounds coming from the computer...i usually go into our bedroom and read. anyways, so this is my excuse for... not having the dishes done, not having the toys put away, and not writing on this blog more often...and i'm sticking to it!

have you tried starbucks hot apple cider with cream and caramel sauce. it is divine and i recommend it on a cold windy day when you want to be transported to the east coast in the fall. well, i've never been to the east coast in the fall, but if i could bottle that feeling up and drink it, i would think that it would taste like this drink.

the next two weeks will be kind of crazy for us. we have tyler's school performance, chase's school performance, tyler's piano recital, the boys' korean school performance, and one more thing, but it escapes me right now. then, we have two weeks of vaca-shion. yay!!! i can't wait to torture my children into reading more, practice their instruments more, write in their diaries, and force them to memorize their spanish and korean words! haha.... i kid. not really. i half kid. hey, i'm asian. it's in my blood to torture my children this way. they will thank me later. haha..

ok, think that is all for now. i'll try writing more later! wishing you the best holiday season and a merry christmas to all. ho ho ho.... who you calling a ho? :)


Anonymous susan said...

hahaha you funny. you're such a good wife... you don't make a sound when he is relaxing and get out of his way?! also, do i see a tiger mom rearing her crazy asian head???

8:15 AM  

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