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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

some random pics. chase's first day of preschool.

"i don't want to go in, mommy!" at first, he was a bit shy.

on our way to a weekend in monterey. it got too sunny so tyler used my hat.

on our way to the aquarium.

tour of monterey.

can't come here and not have the clam chowder. right, chase?

scenic drive to carmel.

the boys. i was too cold to get out of the car so i just took this picture from the car.

in monterey.

beach in carmel.

having fun!

chase getting a haircut.

in oakland.

having our first korean meal at a restaurant since our move. yummy!

at the aquarium. sorry the pics are out of order!

a weekend in sf.

lunch with auntie jess and uncle rich.

our hotel was by this park and this is all the boys wanted to do!

lots of walking.

on our way up to rich's office.

hotel waiting for daddy.

thought i would try to take an artsy picture. :)

chase getting his belt in karate.

waiting for our double decker bus in sf. do you see it in the background?

brotherly love!


Anonymous susan said...

they are growing up so fast!!!

10:47 PM  

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