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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

hey hey hey! (written last week, but somehow didn't get posted.)

random thoughts this morning.

1. it is very hot here and since i drive a lot, i have to get a huge hat with spf in it and also some arms protectors!!! i feel my skin frying up here!!! not good!

2. ice skating with tyler fun but realized i can't do much on the ice at all...just go back and forth. haha.

3. tyler starts school next wednesday. can i do a happy dance? that sounds horrible, huh?

4. when we first moved here, the boys and i were out every day doing touristy things but now i've lost all steam. i just want to stay home now!

5. we were in davis last weekend and i started talking to an indian mom at a playground. i was telling her that we just moved up here for jason's job and that we were living in roseville. she then told me that she thought roseville was a great city but she could never live in roseville because it is important to her that her son sees people of his "own kind." she said that she didn't want her boy to be the only indian boy in his class and that she didn't think that would be "good for him." hmm...that made me wonder. are there any studies about things like this? what are your thoughts?


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