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Saturday, August 13, 2011

i was sooo excited to see an ice rink in roseville and immediately signed tyler up for lessons (chase is still a little too young.) so far, he has had three lessons and is loving it! i love it too. it's sooo much better than watching him play soccer under the beating sun. i love sitting all bundled up in the cold rink with my hot chocolate in hand. you know, sometimes, parents have to choose their kids' activities (you can't do everything!)  and i'm pretty sure that i would much rather focus on tyler doing ice skating (speed and hockey) over soccer! i made my decision based mostly on MY COMFORTS. :)

also, sitting in that ice rink watching tyler skate brings back sooo many memories of my childhood. i spent many hours at the ice rink with claudia so i just feel very comfortable there. tyler and i are going to the public skate this afternoon and i can't wait to dazzle him with my tricks! happy with my decision to push soccer to the side! this season will most likely be tyler's last soccer season. if he wants to run back and front in the hot, hot sun kicking the a ball around, he can do it my himself in the backyard! mean!


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