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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

random thoughts:

1. started watching the korean drama "my love by my side" at night once the boys go to sleep. it's not the best drama out there, but seriously, what is it about korean dramas? they just suck you in and you want more, more, more! i can watch hours and not even realize that hours have passed.  it is THAT good (even when it's not!).

2. movers will be here packing on monday, loading up the truck on tuesday. since we will be in sierra madre this weekend for heidi and phillip's wedding, that doesn't leave too much time to see people from now until then.  :( glad i got to see most people at the going away party!

3. going over to susan's house today to learn the ART of couponing. i am really excited! i actually tried to get into this awhile back and even bought a coupon holder, but gave up after a week or so. now that i'll have more time on my hands in sac, maybe this will become my new hobby! hey, a penny saved is a penny earned, right? that would be cool if susan and i lived closer and i didn't have to move...we would just hit the stores every day with our coupons in hand. fun! we are such old ajumas now! ;)

4. one thing that is great about being a mom? when one of the boys says spontaneously, "i love you, mommy.". ahh, melts my heart.

5. tyler is a self professed "momma's boy." he will write a letter to me and sign it "momma's boy." better stay like that forever!

6. time is going so quickly.  i'm just giving myself until thursday to kind of relax and play, then wedding friday-sunday, then moving monday-tuesday. heaven help me! it's a little bit nervewracking and exciting at the same time. once we get there, my days will be SOOOO quiet and lonely, i am sure to get depressed!

7. oooh, totally looking forward to thursday. it's my final day having my in laws watch the boys while i get some "me" time! :) it sounds so selfish-"me" time! but all mommies need to have it to recharge!

8. speaking of mommies....mommies out there, don't you feel like you're always cleaning?!! so much of my time is washing dishes, doing laudry, putting things's a whole job in itself!

9. oh, and we found renters. we were in a time crunch and didn't give ourselves enough time to find renters for our house so, basically, we lowered the price hundreds of dollars for this one couple. damn, they better know they are getting one hell of a deal and keep the house nice and clean!! we really liked this couple so i hope they have fun living here!

ok. better clean up and get ready for the day! have a great tuesday!


Anonymous susan said...

3. omg, that would be SO fun if we went couponing together. haha!
4. uhhh, he better not be a momma's boy when he grows up cuz girls aren't down with that! :P

12:39 AM  

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