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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

random thoughts:

1. that is just wild. i just found out someone from my past married someone that i hung out with at yonsei when i was there for a summer. out of about 50 classes, the girl and i were in the same class so we actually hung out quite a bit! (this is before people exchanged email addresses or had facebook so we never kept in touch, but i've thought about her often through the years) they have been married for years but i had NO idea until now! when i saw the pic, i almost gasped! that is just wild...small freakin' world!

2. tyler woke up early this morning and is watching romeo and juilet (the old version). wonders if he understands any of it! i'm going to ask him some questions about it when he is done. haha....

3. chase's 4th birthday party/ our going away party is this saturday. i really don't enjoy planning parties all that much so don't expect much! haha... there is so much to do (and i'm not even doing much!!) a couple of  things i'm worried about... 1. think it is going to be a hot day so i have to go around and borrow umbrellas (and those are not the lightest things to carry!) 2. the bathroom situation. sorry folks, if you are coming to the party, be prepared for a trek to the bathroom! 3. worried that the vendors won't show up! that is my biggest fear! what if the food or the entertainment doesn't show up? i'll  be ordering pizza at the last minute and doing a show for y'all! 4 there is construction going on right near the park and i'm not sure if they build on saturdays. damn, i hope not! too much to think about!

4. bought a vita mix blender the other day. i'm totally excited! i've been thinking about this purchase for a whole year and finally buckled and got one! yay..smoothies every day! :)

5. open house for our house is this friday. anyone interested?! would love to rent to a friend... you get a deal if i know you!

6. we will most likely be packing up the moving truck on july 21 and 22, staying in a hotel and unpacking the truck to move into our new place saturday, july 23rd.  ahhh!!!!

7. can't wait for heidi's wedding on the 16th. chase is going to be the ring bearer! super excited to see heidi and phillip on their special day!

8. chase loves making necklaces. he will sit and string yarn with little beads for hours on end. for many reasons, this surprises me!

9. i guess tyler understood some part of romeo and juilet...he just came into the room and said, "mommy, come and watch the movie with me. it is so sad." maybe because people are crying all over the place in the movie?!

10. saw mommy kris the other day. thompson is sooo cute, kris! can't wait to see you guys again. tyler and chase were super sad they left their new toy by the pool. :( thanks for everything yesterday!

have a great wednesday everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vitamix ROCKS! We've had one for about 4 years now. One of the best purchases ever.

We've been diligently packing also, in preparation for our move down to San Diego in late July/early August. Maybe our paths will cross on Highway 5, haha. Just an FYI, gas is WAY cheaper at the Lost Hills exit (about 40 miles before Kettleman northbound) vs Kettleman (where everyone tends to stop at because of In-N-Out). Also, Highway 5 becomes one lane in both directions just after the grapevine due to construction, so that will delay you a bit.

Good luck with the move! Miss you lots 공주야!

Chinese Oppah

10:47 AM  
Anonymous susan said...

can you tell i'm just now catching up on all your blogs?!

12:29 AM  

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