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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

random thoughts:

1. i'm thinking of getting a perm. i know. i know. i'm going to regret it but maybe i should just do it! it's just hair, right?

2. i love summer days! i love not feeling so rushed in the mornings and just hanging out with my boys!

3. i am in the mood to eat something very naughty right a whole cheesecake or brownie or apple pie or something. i guess it's a good thing we don't have anything like that in the house right now, but at the same time, i wish we did!

4. oh, yesterday, i had my very FIRST korean spa experience. it's a LONG story but i didn't know i would be butt naked in front of my friends when i went out with them so i wasn't mentally prepared at all! (maybe it was better like that, actually!) we had a day of complete pampering! deep tissue massage, sauna, exfoliation done (my first time doing this...what an experience..that's a whole separate post in itself!), rested in 5 different "rooms" (salt, clay, ice, jade, and one very hot dry sauna), sat around on heated floors and ate yummy korean food. surprisingly, i liked it! in the past, every time someone said that i should try a korean spa, i would really? get butt naked in front of other people...hell no! but after having the full experience, i totally GET IT...i get why people go and why it's fun. i really, really want to take the boys because i know they would have a blast but kids have to go in with their same sex parent and i don't think jason will be down. bummer. it's very family friendly...they even had a kids room! anyways, you all should try it once....really. it's an experience and you just might like it. i am actually sad to be moving because i know i won't find things like this in sacramento and i think it's something that i would want to go to on a regular basis! i never thought i would say this- ever- but korean spas are FUN!! :)

have a great thursday! i'll be in LA tomorrow to celebrate the amazing life of a woman who raised a beautiful family and was surrounded by people who loved her dearly. you will be missed, halmoni.


Anonymous susan said...

your halmuni passed away?!?! the muhjjengi halmuni?!?!

my grandmother passed away last week, and we just had her funeral yesterday. i had forgotten what an amazing and strong woman she was...

on a less serious note... i go to the korean spa like once a year to get my nasty ddeh scrubbed off by the ladies in their black lingerie uniforms.

12:46 AM  
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