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Friday, June 17, 2011

today, i will not be home most of the day. picking up my dad from the airport, running some errands and having dinner. the boys will be saying home with grandma and grandpa. last night i told tyler that he is in charge of doing things with chase and that i don't want them watching tv the whole day (since grandma and grandpa think this is the easiest way to "watch" the boys...have the tv on the whole time!) this morning he woke up before me and wrote out this "agenda" of his day with chase.

1. play outside- park, grass
2. read a book on the couch
3. do arts and crafts in the classroom
4. play legos
5. watch tv- movie superman
6. have a snack
7. read a book
8. practice what you want
9. go to halmoni and harabugi (grandma and grandpa) for a hug!
10. play outside on the blacktop
11. watch tv

awww... he is my big boy now! tyler, i loved the list. you are a great big brother and hope you get all this done with chase. i especially love that you added "hug" grandma and grandpa to your list (with an exclamation point and all) thoughtful. have a  wonderful day, boys...mommy is going out to play! (not really!)


Anonymous susan said...

omg. this is awesome. i love everything about this.

12:54 AM  

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