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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

this weekend, jenn and brian got married, and i was lucky enough to be a part of it. i met jenn when we were four years old. people don't believe me when i tell them that i remember the exact moment when we if it were yesterday. i was walking home and passing her window when something caught my eye. it was a tiny stuffed e.t. doll walking along her window. after awhile, a little girl popped up and it was jenn. we made eye contact and then, i remember her mom opening the door and saying in korean, "young joo, look at your new chin goo (friend)."

her mom was right because that was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. i have fond memories with young joo- days at the park, running after the ice cream truck, playing chinese jump rope, making tents with blanket and chairs, playing with toys, being in the same kindergarten class. my fondest memory is walking to and from school, each of us holding her grandfather's hand.

after awhile, everyone from our little apartment in koreantown moved away, but somehow, our families kept in touch so i got to see jenn once in awhile. she was definitely my "coolest" friend...showing me her collection of guess jeans, showing me how to stand making a "T" with my feet and teaching me how to tease my hair in order to get that foot long wave that she had mastered with her own hair. jenn would be happy to know that i still use her teasing technique today.

somehow, we ended up at the same college and that is when we became even closer. college was a time of some weird identity crises for me and jenn was there every step of the way. i could sum up college like this: talking about about boys who made us mad, some studying, a lot of partying, and, once again, talking about boys who made us mad. i know that jenn would sum up college the same way.

i always think that jenn and i were meant to be friends, that someone up there has a hand in our friendship.  there are so many coincidences that make us reconnect even when time and miles separate us. the stars were definitely aligned when we were born.

so, on saturday, my beautiful friend got married.

through the years, we shared many memories- some happy and some sad. and saturday, was one of our happiest moments. to see jenn walking down the aisle with her mom made me choke up in a way that i had not anticipated. she looked so beautiful and her mom looked so proud.

jenn, thanks for being my "chin goo" all these years. i love you for who you are- the strong willed, passionate, loving, giving, modest, loyal, smart girl that you are. i am very proud to call you my friend. i love you always... soo kyung.


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