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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

time, time, time... need more of it lately. :( it's just hustle, bustle, do this, do that, and scream. i can't wait till i can relax!!!

we were in sacramento this weekend looking at homes. saw about 20 in two days. sadly, we didn't see anything that we LOVED so we won't be buying anything. this weekend wasn't a total loss though since we came to the conclusion that we would have to rent for at least six months to get to know the area better. we didn't want this because then there is a chance that tyler will have to move schools again if the house we buy ends up being in another area from where we are renting. :( sorry, bud.

have a great day!! hope to see y'all soon!

i can do this, i can do this, i can do this...


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