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Thursday, May 19, 2011

why do i drink coffee in the late afternoon when i know that it will keep me up all night?! damn, i'm dumb! haha...

one thing that i've thought of doing when we move to sacramento is...

ok, don't think this is crazy! i'm kind of embarrassed to share! haha...

i've thought about making youtube videos. if i get enough subscribers, i might make some money! don't die laughing now!

what would my channel be called? ktownmama. hopefully, that one is not taken!

what would be on my channel? well, every day stuff about my life! hmmm... stories about jason, the boys, and the in-laws, easy recipes that i have up my sleeves (which jason calls my ghetto recipes though i'm not quite sure why!!), womenly issues (beauty and weight, etc.) ways i teach my kids...things like that... things that i think would be fun to share and might help other mommies out.

why would i do this crazy thing? well, as i get older, i realize that i'm very odd. :) i laugh at things other people don't laugh at, i am scared of things other people are not scared of, i cry at things other people don't cry odd ball, i tell you!..... but mostly, i laugh at A LOT OF THINGS....mostly at myself!

it's just a thought.

 i would NEVER really do it, people. y'all know how private my husband is right? he would just divorce my ass! (see, if you know me, you would totally know i'm just kidding when i write that!! geez!) anyways, see what i think of when i think about my new life in sacramento?!! i picture myself so lonely and bored that i need to make youtube videos to have friends and have some sort of connection to people!

god help me in sacramento!


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