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Friday, May 13, 2011

hello! happy friday. as tyler always says, "TGIF!!"

random thoughts.

1. just got back from zumba class. damn, i don't think working out once a week is cutting it. i need to do at least twice a week, don't you think? maybe when we move and both boys are in school, i'll be able to work out. what else will there be for me to do, right? cook meals?! negative. meet up with friends? don't know a single soul up there. :(

2. zumba was kind of annoying today. the teacher took a two week break and came back with 90% all new songs and routines....right when i was just getting used to the old songs! well, of course, i understand that she has to change it up once in awhile, but not 90% at one time...maybe one or two new songs a week would be nice. oh wells...felt like such a newbie today!

3. oh another thing from class today. when i was getting water from my water bottle at the back of the room, this lady would move up to my spot. this happened twice. don't know if she thought i would just stand in her spot, but she was in the way back! so i had a split second decision to make. go back to my spot and kind of uncomfortably make her move or stand in the back of the room in her spot. so i made my way back to my spot and just nudged her out of my way. i don't know the proper etiquette for this and i suppose she was annoyed at me...but whatevers! ;)

4. a couple of weekends ago, jason went to seattle for work and when we dropped him off at the airport, tyler was a big mess. cried for a good fifteen minutes, wailing "i miss him. i want him to come back!" chase, being chase, looked at tyler and said, "i love daddy too, but i'm not going to cry!" like he was making fun of tyler for crying! oh, that was so funny.

5. the boys are so ready to move to sacramento because jason promised them a about bribery! chase is like, "can we move to sacramento right now?" haha... if only it was so easy, dude.

6. don't know the exact moving day yet. jason is so nonchalant about all of this, while i'm like, "i need to know and mentally prepare myself!!!" i'm hoping that it doesn't have to be in june. ideally, i would like to move in august so we could get settled and tyler could start school in september.

7. where will we be moving to? have no clue! rent or buy? that is the question. renting would be a pain because then we would have to move again later and that would suck! however, if we rent, we could really take our time buying a home and we would know the different areas better. don't know what will happen with this either. see, i'm going crazy! so much to think about and we don't even have a moving date set!

ok, i better get off the internet. i have exactly two hours of alone time on fridays and gotta return a whole lot of crap! have a great weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liz has the Zumba DVDs, you want a copy? You can work out at home and get the boys to join you. Haha.

Let me know!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Cristina said...

hey! won't that be too much work for you?! i would love a copy though! thanks!

12:12 AM  

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