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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

we did a lot of things during spring break but here are some pics of our trip to sacramento and san francisco. we stayed for three nights up north. on friday morning while jason was at work, i took the boys to a breakfast buffet. nothing like a buffet to remind you of how little kids eat. i wanted to get our money's worth and tried to get them to eat as much as they possibly could, but a you could see on chase's face...they couldn't care less about my pleas!

our walk to the capitol. some bushes supposedly shaped like people. never seen that before!

with the sisters of mercy.

sitting in front of the capitol. i'm not a photographer by any means but was i suppose to zoom in for this shot?!

as we walked into the capitol, some man came out of his office and gave the boys some stickers.

waiting for the tour to begin.

think this was the senate room. don't know if the boys learned much on this tour, but i learned a ton of stuff! if you want to know how laws get passed in california, i'm the person to ask! :)

cafe in front of the capitol.

california state library. i love libraries and thought we would take a break, but it wasn't really a library...more like offices. are the boys posing in this pic? i had no idea until now.

afterwards, we walked to the leland stanford mansion. it was a pretty uncomfortable tour because we were the ONLY ones on it! the man was speaking directly to me the whole time! haha... we weren't allowed to take pics inside the mansion but when we were outside, i was about to take a pic of the boys and the tour guide told me to get in. that was nice of him and i really appreciate that because this is my ONLY pic from spring break!

afterwards, we walked to imax to watch born to be wild in 3D. chase liked it and tyler had an expensive nap.

when we were leaving, i thought i would take a pic of the consession stand. such hams.

in sf, at the restaurant we went to last time. we went to the same one because the food was great last time. we ordered the exact meal but it wan't so great this time around. isn't that always the case?

met up with auntie jess and uncle rich for a HUGE american breakfast.

oh, the other days we were there? all we did was sit around and drink starbucks.

like really..... what a vacation! :) (thanks to auntie jen and uncle vinh for letting us stay at your place. you guys rock!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, that picture of you on the steps with the boys, you look like their older sister! =)

Yeah, we'll probably be down in SD by the end of the year. I'll keep you posted!


1:53 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

hey ac! could it be because i am dressed i'm in high school?! jason always tells me that i'm not 15 when he sees what i am wearing. haha...

11:40 PM  

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