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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

random thoughts this morning:

1. damn vacuum is broken. it's less than a year old. :( so sad! this is what i get when i go against by myself and buy from someplace other than costco.

2. i am so much more interested about the details surrounding osama's death than about the royal wedding! i think kate makes a beautiful princess, but i would much rather learn more about the six SEALS who raided osama's compound...can you say muy, muy caliente?! too bad they are not releasing any information about those six. i think they are about the gutsiest men on the planet! i imagine they are not only physically in the best shape but they must be really intelligent too. i can't get enough information about how they train, how they are chosen, what they do, etc.  since there are no real specifics about the actually six who were involved, i've totally made them up to be good looking as actors with bodies of steel, and harvard type brains in my mind! oh, and since they can't come out and talk about what they did...they are so modest and humble too...which adds to the hotness! :)

3. woke up an hour earlier than usual and it feels damn good.

4. wish i could go work out today. 10:30 zumba! :( not that i can ever go on wednesdays, but wish i could!

5. some big changes might be happening for our family in the next coming months. will post here once it is finalized. scared- yes. excited- a bit. changes are always a bit daunting, no?

6. oh, have two weddings in the next two months. what is the fastest way to lose five pounds? as jason would answer, "it's so easy. don't eat."

happy "hump" day everyone!


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