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Sunday, May 08, 2011

hello, everyone! happy mother's day to all you mothers out there! being a mother can be hard and stressful at times, but there is nothing better in the world. i love being a mommy more than anything in the world.

a couple of random thoughts:

1. yesterday, i hosted a bridal shower for jenn at my house. it was the first real party that i didn't have catered so i think it was a huge accomplishment! thanks to all that helped me with was definitely a group effort and i couldn't have pulled it off without many of you!  i couldn't find my camera so i don't have any pics of the festivities (think i left it at a restaurant on friday...crap!) hopefully, i will get some from other people and will post some here. jenn, it was great to see you surrounded by people who all love you so much. i loved hanging out with your mom and your grandma....can't wait till the wedding!

2. i really shouldn't post this yet because it's not 100% finalized but there is a great chance that we will be moving to sacramento soon. crazy, right? i will know for sure by tuesday, at the latest, after jason gets the contract in the mail and signs the thing! it all happened so fast. as many of you know, we were in sacramento during spring break so jason could check out the hospital and we went to check out different neighborhoods with a real estate agent. when we drove up north on thursday, we were 99% confident that we WOULDN'T  be moving. i told jason we are just going for a free trip! but as we drove back home on sunday night, we were about 90% sure that jason would take the job. can't believe we went from a "no" to a "yes" in a matter of days. anyways, the latest he would start his new job is september but the earliest he could start is july. i know- that's like in two months! i'm totally ok with the move. i'm ready and think this is a great oppotunity for jason and our family, but i do think it is all happening way too fast. if jason said, we have 6 more months in orange county, that would be perfect. i feel like i could finish things up here, get to say "bye" to people, places, and things, and have "closure" here. however, if jason does start in july and that means we would move in june...i'm totally not ready for that!! not ready at all. i would feel like i'm being uprooted when i'm not completely ready to say bye. don't know how things will pan out- there is still a small chance it might not happen, but if it does, the next few months will be crazy and hectic for sure!

side note: if you know someone who is looking to rent in irvine, tell them about our place! :)

have a great day!! love, cristina


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