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Sunday, May 15, 2011

random thoughts:

1. had a half off starbucks frap last week and thought to myself: that is what the price should be every day!

2. ah man, i feel so bad for sandra bullock. jesse james is straight up jerk. it's like, he is doing these interviews now to promote his book... it's like adding salt to the wounds. i feel her pain.

3. tyler has a big project due this thursday. i was talking to another mom about it at a birthday party yesterday and she told me that she doesn't help her children at all with projects- as if helping is a bad thing because it should be completely, 100% made by a child. i don't know.... i just think that in first grade, a child is going to need some sort of guidance from his parents. and also, i think that working together as a family on a project is a good thing. when i was a teacher and saw projects being turned in where i could tell a parent helped out (not completely doing, of course!), i saw it as a good thing. the family bonded and the child learned while working with his parents. even if it's something like how to make a poster look better, i think those are all skills that a parent should take this great opportunity to teach while doing a project together. hmmm...just my two cents.

have a great sunday! my weekend to do list is only half crossed out! gotta get to it!


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