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Thursday, May 19, 2011

chase got in trouble for playing with his food tonight (because he was literally PUNCHING food off of tyler's fork with a fist!) and watched in horror as "ugly mommy" came out. after he was all done crying, i said, "don't play with your food again." and he said, "ok." and i said, "are you going to make mommy proud?" he answered, "yes." and then i aked, "how are you going to make mommy proud?" i thought he would say that he wouldn't play with his food, but guess what his answer was? "i'm going to plant tomato seeds and grow tomatoes for you." OMG! that kid. i swear. he is so off the wall sometimes! i love him for it.

my boys are such boys. i just watched in half horror/ half amazement as they attacked each other over and over tonight, laughing hysterically and having the time of their lives.

today was a rainy day and as i drove tyler to school, they used their umbrellas as swords and "fought" each other the whole time.

i don't know when i am suppose to intervene in these situations. they are laughing and having fun but i need them to know when it is appropriate to "play fight!" are all boys like this?!!! i am utterly speechless sometimes just watching them because i was NOTHING like them growing up!!


here are the two joys of my life! i hope they always remain the best of friends!


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