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Thursday, June 16, 2011

hello, good morning! some random thoughts....

1. i want to go shopping... like really bad! i want to put a huge dent in our bank account. :) haha, not really...but i just want to go shopping!

2. tyler just came up to me and told me that he needed to get something out of the car. i asked him "for what?" and he said, "for our toy gun." (they got it as a favor at a recent birthday party.) i told him, "you know daddy doesn't like you playing with toy guns." and his response? "daddy is not here so i'm the man of the house and the rules have to change around here." haha...

3. then tyler just went upstairs to take a himself! yay!! i can't wait till chase can do this too....i slowly see more and more freedom coming my way! :)

4. yesterday was the last day of school....for me and tyler. my school officially closed yesterday. it was bittersweet for sure. on one hand, i will totally appreciate this time of rest, but on the other hand, i will really miss the kids and working with them. i can't believe it's been almost two years since i "opened" the school. oh, where does the time go, right?

5. i love music. i am by no means "musical," but sometimes- just sometimes- i will hear something and i will literally feel a tugging at my heart. some music is THAT beautiful to me.

6. it's like talking to kids. sometimes, i will have a conversation with a kid and that kid will be talking about going to disneyland and going on a ride or something like that and i will think it is about the most beautiful conversation in the world.

7. speaking about kids, i LOVE going to weddings and seeing that children are invited. weddings are a time of families coming together and that includes children! i love seeing them run around and hearing squeals of laughter as they make friends with one another. i love looking around and seeing grandmas and grandpas huddled around the newest baby. it looks like life as come full circle and it reminds me that weddings are a celebration of LIFE!!!

looking forward to some relaxing weeks until we move! slow down and "smell the roses" as they say... hope this summer brings your family peace and rest....


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